Fashionable bound did not get ready receive ” doomsday “

Fashionable bound probably never true ready-made greets “ doomsday ” .

It is brand of stylist of a China only at first cannot do in Europe beautiful, editor of a few Asias cannot enter a plane, week of a native land fashionable dress announces delay, evolve finally to cancel Milanese spot old show suddenly for Giorgio Armani, week of fashionable dress of Korea head Er announces to cancel.

While week of Parisian fashionable dress enters the 3rd day, epidemic situation also diffuses quickly in Europe. Before fashionable dress edits the perfect view that outlines in fashionable dress, had begun distractingly, apprehensive. Tina Leung of division of Hong Kong modelling expresses on gregarious media, week of “ Paris fashionable dress just begins, but I cannot concentrate mind almost. ” 

The public figure that China has nearly 1000 to pursue fashionable trade about cannot enter week of this season Paris fashionable dress. French Ministry of Public Health grows Olivier Véran to emphasize, at present confined tourist removes China, Singapore and the person that set out from Korea from weekday outside, still include to come from Italy Venice and human relations Badide the person of the area, after they enter a country, also can be adopted to keep apart measure, buy hand and rich besides predicted China, Korea and Japan accordingly advocate outside can decreasing, a lot of entered week of Milanese fashionable dress buy hand and rich advocate also will not attend.

To the revolt of traditional tie, in week of this season fashionable dress nowhere is absent. What Maria Grazia Chiuri of chief inspector of originality of Dior female outfit releases yesterday is newest series of 2020 autumn winters reiterates feminism again, just meet American dimension was invaded because of Si Tan sex recently the proposal is formal be convictioned. Gucci is in Milan last week fashionable dress week regards place situation as fashionable dress beautiful tiring-room, be regarded as the irony of increasingly coxcombical to fashionable dress show great place situation.

But it is in the global prospect with bigger at the moment, people needs opposed to still have more apparently. The most pressing nature is the all the time is in the popular epidemic situation that creates uncertainty.

Go up century 60 time, courrege with future feeling and feeling of science and technology behaved people external the romantic fantasy of aerospace and the confidence to science and technology, and alive discipline end, what depict for fashionable dress stylist of the representing with Alexander McQueen already is radical doomsday feelings.

But if say the doomsday feelings of Alexander McQueen lays fierce, natural, without foundation,be born, so the instantly 2020, the fashionable dress stylist with closer times of the last phase of an age after those are apart from had had clearer and specific topic and way.

After stressing expressional climate disaster and theme of last phase of an age from on one season, french stylist Marine Serre has become Xin Rui in stylist most a of develop a school of one’s own. Released series of 2020 autumn winters to continue yesterday she is Utopian to turning over the exploration of the world, among them one adorns the modelling of face guard is accurate without by accident response at the moment epidemic situation broadcast reality. Last month, the rat that Marine Serre releases year the woman that the Spring Festival inserts the Na Mingpei in the picture to wear guaze mask predicted inadvertently actually the social prospect after a month.

Marine Serre ever described her to decide what did not come to be obsessed with to world current situation and inaccuracy so, period of the disaster after “ has come now, our body amid, have no alternative, can get used to acuteness climate change and uncertainty only, pay close attention to the thing that has existed and the stuff that we create, find new way of life. ” 

Several days ago, the AI influence that Marine Serre still issued 2020 Chun Xia set reachs short ad is old pieces. This project and collaboration of Actual Objects of experimental originality atelier undertake, the purpose is the bounds between dim figure and physics, short revealed a robot to be after 4 last phase of an age the story of community, these robots are wearing the dress of new moon printing of sex of Marine Serre mark.

Probably such advertisement originality still appears in not long ago too the concept is abstract, when installing the public activity such as week to be forced to cancel truly at that time however, such digital zoology was had formally practical, became indispensible.

This also can’ts help making the Louis Vuitton before person couplet remembers 3 months and hero cooperate alliedly, look this now to the exploration of fictitious world sex of the look up before be being provided quite. Because the happening of epidemic situation issues an activity to cause immediate impact to the line, include luxury brand inside the importance that consumable industry begins to realize the market on the line generally.

However even if is very much luxury brand layout electric business Wu, but epidemic situation depressed luxury to consume a desire, also restricted the use setting of luxury. In electric contest net processional course of study greets the background with good profit, how go to one share focus from real move in fictitious world and arouse consumer interest, or will make luxury brand the proposition inside prospective a long time.

According to Luode transmission group and market study research center of company accurate market is released jointly ” 2020 China are costly taste a report ” , the Chinese inland customer that has 10% and the plan of consumer of Chinese Hong Kong of 20% did not come 12 months will reduce expenditure, relatively last year 6% with 12% , the consumer that future plans to reduce expenditure increases apparently.

Those who deserve attention is, this findings already reached before new coronal epidemic situation erupts, this is meant become in the uncertainty of real world the rich customer that sends careful reason more, will make a when cast development of prospective luxury industry necessary and real requirement.

Of course, any hour is put in good luck. It is real world walk with difficulty at the same time, the border that across is fictitious world is widened ceaselessly, the difference of national boundaries district is wiped to make the same score. Consumer forgets him temporarily have the capacity already, thereby more recipient new thing. With the electric contest of Louis Vuitton the attempt is exemple, through electric contest this is exported, luxury brand can be touched truly amount to the global consumer that shares some interest label.

In fictitious world, of real world already bounds and be used to of be used to are broken. Right in real world the male player of fashionable disinclination, the likelihood is obsessed with however in game world at game skin and equipment. And more and more young women become electric contest active player, they are opposite in will real life the attention belt of figure entered game world, this offerred more opportunity for extravagant and fashionable brand.

Before on the enthusiastic whole that the Euramerican youth below high unemployment rate and social pressure consumes to luxury under Asian consumer, especially the youth of lifestyle of hippy of a few views has a kind of hostility to luxury brand even mood. But be in fictitious world, luxury brand has an opportunity to rebuild the correlation of they and consumer.

Outfit bound is ceaseless at that time when the prospect of times of the last phase of an age after depict, people did not realize we had been in personally among them.

Crisis place is exposed those who come out, it is the fashionable bound of behoove attention future, lack vision actually. Need not carries fashionable dress bound to be in can last developmental lag is destroying this industry for a long time, nowadays this industry to short-term crisis be able to bear or endure enough sufferring a gender is disappointing. Propose form any a sign of disturbance or trouble of the week of fashionable dress of 4 big international of program of modern fashionable dress, make a lot of segment large stricken. Fashionable industry ran 20 years below mad rhythm, come to a standstill became an adv unimaginably issue unexpectedly. However reality tells us, this happens completely likely.  

Mere little hold a show, much close a store, had become what cannot bear is heavy, this report gives the frangibility of instantly fashion industry. Outfit show cannot depend on great place situation to produce heat at that time, become the crisis when affected fashionable dress under dispensable fittings, how should vogue reflect value, make moving heart, this reminds people apparently, the position of times of the last phase of an age after pondering over vogue to be in and function, the aesthetic that compares period of the last phase of an age after thinking it seems that is more pressing.

More important is, the crisis may normalize existence. Spin time axis, how does fashionable industry get used to not to grow those who be premise to turn over Utopian new reality with mad rhythm, incontinent consumption, greedy sale after all?

A bit can decide, even if is forecasted in the pessimism of long-term depression below, the working way that the fashionable practitioner that is good at creation and consumer still also can find value of hopeful balance, output. With capital carry regards long luxury as oligarch, do not answer probably excessive persistence at short-term loss, more pressing is the window in at present period the oneself that finish is examined with transform, because best years has gone probably.

Qi Zeke of philosopher of no less than imagines the cite when ” evaluates epidemic situation in doomsday of near future “ the opinion on public affairs of circumstances creed announce of students broke 1966: “Vivre Sans Temps Mort, jouir Sans Entraves”—— does not have ground of time of be dead as mutton living, trouble-free the ground is enjoyed.

He is written so, —— of time of “ be dead as mutton is smoked from (Withdrawal) always, old occultism person say for halcyon (Gelassenheit) , release (Releasement) —— to our life experience call out vigor again crucial. Perhaps, certain person can use time of their be dead as mutton to be released from inside business at least, and ponder over its of predicament (without) meaning. ”

Be the real significance that moment ponders over vogue.

Fashionable bound

Gucci outstanding achievement is successive 4 quarters put delay; Harbour city gives luxury brand to wait decrease hire

Gucci income growth is successive the 4th quarter puts delay

According to fashionable commerce dispatch, be in up to the 2019 money December 31 inside year, gucci parent company opens cloud group sale to grow 13.3% to come compared to the same period fifteen billion eight hundred and eighty-three million euro, add fast far not as good as 29.4% 2018, business profit rises 19.6% to 4.778 billion euro, relatively 2018 46.6% also put delay considerably, net profit drops greatly 37.4% to 2.308 billion euro.

Inside report period, sale of whole of branch of luxury of group opening the cloud rises 13.2% to 15.38 billion euro, break through first 15 billion close greatly, sale of core brand Gucci grows 13.3% to come 9.628 billion euro, yuan Xun at going up of year of the corresponding period 36.9% add fast, business profit grows 19.8% to come 3.946 billion euro. Amplitude of this brand income is the fourth quarter 10.5% , grow the Yao of one pace from individual digit, successive already occurrence outstanding achievement of the 4th quarter puts delay.

Golden Goose is bought by Permira of illicit collect fund with 1.28 billion euro

Permira of fund of British illicit collect succeeded to buy Golden Goose of brand of Italian light excessive from inside hand of triumphant thunder group with the price of 1.28 billion euro a few days ago, slightly under the analyst give out before this 1.4 billion be worth to appraise of 1.5 billion euro. 400 million euro is cost only when nevertheless triumphant thunder group bought next this brands 2017. With ” the Golden Goose with famed ” of small dirty shoe founds 2001, message personage discloses this brand the sale 2019 will rise 300 million dollar from the 205 million dollar 2018, the plan achieved the sale of 510 million dollar 2022.

Overshoot to help a businessman difficulty harbour city Feburary hire halve

An in-house post that gives tenant according to city of harbour of cite of fashionable commerce dispatch shows, get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, discharge of market settle or live in a strange place is decreased suddenly, outstanding achievement of many brands businessman is affected badly, for slow down business door pressure, harbour city decides will in Feburary hire halve, at the same time bazaar takes a series of measure antagonism epidemic situation in time already, protect the security of consumer and employee. Last year first half of the year, harbour city income is 6.165 billion HK dollar, 73% what hold company gross earnings, the analysis predicts to suffer effect of shock of retail environment of Hong Kong of second half of the year, harbour city last year the outstanding achievement of annual or give now to slip.

Calvin Klein parent company closes store of Chinese part door temporarily

Zhousan of PVH of American dress group releases announcement to announce, as a result of the happening with new pneumonic coronal, the partial door inn in Chinese market already shut Calvin Klein of brand of the core below the banner and Tommy Hilfiger temporarily, but the group holds hope to this market potential, the profit that will not reduce the fourth quarter that announces before this and annual anticipates. It is reported, 7% what big China area takes group gross income, PVH still imports the goods of about 20% every year from China.

Outstanding achievement of the fourth quarter exceeds Shopify anticipate share price goes up greatly even more 13%

the four seasons of Shopify of American cable business spends sale to go up greatly compared to the same period 47.2% to 505 million dollar, and collection of profit of net of make up the deficits and get surpluses gets 771 thousand dollar, last year deficit of the corresponding period 1.5 million dollar, all exceed an analyst to anticipate. Shopify predicts battalion closes first quarter will be in 440 million to 446 million dollar between. After money newspaper is released, shopify share price goes up greatly 13.47% to 559.14 dollars, achieve nearly one year to come odd-numbered days is the oldest go up, market prise is 63.9 billion dollar about.

Suffer pneumonic epidemic situation to affect Changjiang Delta commoners to remove dealer money rate to adjust for 100%

Group of Changjiang Delta commoners was in a few days ago in a letter of agency express, in view of epidemic situation form, in the light of taste newly December 2020, changjiang Delta commoners will issue the standard the 2020 spring product that includes literary sketch of JNBY, CROQUIS, Less, JnbybyJNBY and Ma Pin brand of POMMEDETERRE bitter fleabane retreats money rate to adjust for 100% , the group will ask each agency shifts to an earlier date all kinds or types of goods of return share pattern. Up to Zhou San closing quotation, share price of group of Changjiang Delta commoners drops 0.68% to 8.75 HK dollar, market prise is 4.5 billion HK dollar about.

Inn of door of share of Lululemon China market plans to restored to do business on Feburary 17

Lululemon of brand of dress of motion of Canadian gem gal released statement to announce a few days ago, its are in the 26 doors inn of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shenyang and Xi’an will restore to do business from Feburary 17, yi Ou comes to inn of inn of door of Wuhan international square, city gate of Chongqing every phenomenon and Shanghai Pudong door inn restores time wait for calm. This brand still assembles before this 28 countrywide motion ambassadors and group member are shaking fitness of sound, Keep living broadcast is created on the platform such as App group, in this special period offers a line freely to go up for Chinese consumer gem gal course.

MASHAMA, Xia Zi old wait for 6 China brand to quit week of Parisian fashionable dress

Get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, france is advanced and custom-built the Cheng of weekday of fashionable dress of Paris of 2020/21 Qiu Dong that expressed to will come to was held on March 3 on Feburary 24 a few days ago with fashionable federation FHCM happens fluctuant, MASHAMA, Shiatzy Chen, Uma Wang, Jarel Zhang, CALVINLUO and Maison Mai 6 the activity that Chinese brand already cancelled to be in Paris to hold surely formerly. FHCM says to be able to provide all and feasible communication platform, let these brands can continue to share series work.

Gucci will open restaurant of the 2nd Osteria in Bifoli

According to fashionable commerce dispatch, the dining-room of the 2nd Osteria that Gucci of Italian luxury brand is located in American los angeles to compare Buddha benefit Rodeo Drive will at official on Feburary 17 start business, this dining-room is rolled out by brand and collaboration of Massimo Bottura of chef of class of Mi Jilin SamSung, it is they introduce Gucci cate first the United States. This dining-room can accommodate it is reported 50 guests, cent is lunch and dinner two period of time, entree price is in 26 to 55 dollars between, the desert is in 14 to 20 dollars between.

Bao Geli and Gucci are exited horological gem exhibited Basel international 2020

Bao Geli of brand of watch of wrist of the gem below LVMH banner and the Gucci that drive cloud group nut already decided to exit one after another horological gem exhibited Basel international 2020, the account that Bao Geli represents to exit is his the majority is tasted newly had been in the LVMH group that the beginning of the year holds this year appears on first horological week, and whether can of short duration attend afresh certainly the Basel 2021 is exhibited, gucci did not show the specific reason that exit. The meeting when the Taigehaoya of LVMH of it is reported, Yu Bo and true power continues to attend current Basel to exhibit, the whole world is the greatest group of watch business Si Woqi already left thoroughly from last year Basel is exhibited turn to be tasted newly to be released alone.

The week of China International fashionable dress of the Beijing after week of afterwards Shanghai fashionable dress also holds delay

According to fashionable commerce dispatch, good to do epidemic situation is prevented accuse, prevent epidemic situation to spread, the week of China International fashionable dress that runs in Beijing to 31 days on March 25 formerly will be deferred, new date of short duration was not announced. Before this, week of Shanghai fashionable dress already also decided delay, hold during exhibit meet and order goods after also will cooperating detain, can be held, among them when hall the new program that already issued statement to announce its Qiu Dong is exhibited is came 13 days on April 10.

Fort lion dragon predicts on half money year even more deficit 100 million HK dollar

Dragon of lion of fort of BOSSINI of shopkeeper of harbor endowment dress released gain early-warning a few days ago, predict its are in will be in up to the net loss caustic inside 6 months December 2019 85 million to 105 million HK dollar between, relatively go up the 26 million HK dollar of year of the corresponding period expands further, basically suffer acute of the tourist that visit harbor to decrease, appetite of native land consumption is small fan and unusual warmth affects winter climate.

E Er is much this president Wang Zhen is selected China releases Forbes pop chart of female of the most crackajack business circles

In Forbes newest release ” pop chart of female of crackajack business circles ” in, many tall canal that comes from China is selected, among them Dong Mingzhu of president of division power electric equipment becomes head of a list of names posted up again, round presiding and financial officer holds the Babaji in A concurrently invest a chief fierce to defend a sort the 3rd, e Er is much this president holds general manager Wang Zhen concurrently to rank the 35th, vice-president of Nike whole world holds Dong Wei of general manager of big China division concurrently to be the 37th, xie Bing of chairman of district of Asia-Pacific of strong unripe consumable is ranked the 43rd, alibaba B2B career group president Dai Shan is the 53rd, hua Fu is fashionable a row the 59th, end of Li Han of assistant president of elegant dagger Er and wave department ascend executive president Mei Dong to distribute a line the 64th mix 69.

Taste only can roll out a brand to give aid to policy establishs 300 million cash to sell allowance

Overshoot to help brand businessman this epidemic situation, tasted meeting to be rolled out to all brand business associate only 5 give aid to greatly measure, include resource of high grade and free flow, 300 million cash to sell passageway of settle accounts of allowance, green and low interest to supply support of business of catenary finance, entire chain to wait, save a businessman in the light of Hubei, taste only the meeting is special still rolled out 2020 commission and service expend partial derate measure first quarter.

Community cable business trades during Spring Festival of WeChat small order a several rocket 322%

According to data of government of WeChat small order, issue entity as the line retail be immersed in backwater, the New Year’s Eve arrived 2020 first of state of business of cable of 7 its community trade pen number rises 322% compared to the same period. Dress of the waxwing before this discloses, kill through rolling out special performance of the member on WeChat line, WeChat second, small order cent is sold, different area by turns the form such as direct seeding, its realized half the number to suspend business door inn having a sale during epidemic situation, day all total turnover exceeds 8 million, still be in promote continuously. Number of active user of day of WeChat small order already exceeded 300 million 2019, annual trades the forehead amounts to 80 billion RMB.

GUCCI  Harbour city

Who doing not have is forever win the home, actor garment library is immersed in ” warm winter crisis “

Who doing not have is forever win the home, resisted the actor garment library of quick style cold winter is become last year this year the dress brand of the first be thwarted.

According to fashionable commerce dispatch, fast sells parent company of library of garment of actor of Japanese quick style the group released 2020 money recently year money signs up for first quarter, be in up to last year inside 3 months November 30, its sale drops compared to the same period 3.3% add up to 39.4 billion RMB about to 623.4 billion yen, business profit drops greatly 12.4% add up to 5.8 billion RMB about to 91.7 billion yen. This also means actor garment library to go one branch alone beautiful situation already was broken.

Inside report period, sale of Japan of actor garment library drops compared to the same period 5.32% to 233 billion yen, management profit grows 1.58% to come thirty-eight billion five hundred and fifty-seven million yen; Actor garment library is abroad income drops compared to the same period 3.6% to two hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and forty-eight million yen, achieve 10 years to come the biggest drop, management gain is bigger drop 28% to 37.8 billion yen, was 2016 since first quarter earnings goes now to slip.

Under photograph comparing, group of Inditex of parent company of Zara of fast fashionable tycoon is in Spain to make work up to the sale in domestic market of before 9 months by October the forehead rises compared to the same period 7.5% to 19.8 billion euro, h&M of tycoon of Swedish quick style also grows 9% to add up to 46 billion RMB about to Ke Lang of 61.7 billion Sweden up to the sale of season of the 4th money by November.

Fast sells GU of the 2nd old brand to become report period inside exclusive the brand of double growth of an income and profit, sale grows 11.4% to come compared to the same period 72.9 billion yen, business profit rises greatly 44.4% to 12.3 billion yen. Differ with actor garment library, the outstanding achievement that fast sells a group to emphasize GU grows combination of product of main profit from to accord with the clad demand that consumer enrages in warm winter, wool interest rate also increased 3.2 percent accordingly. The sale of global brand branch that has the international brand such as Theory, J Brand and Princesse Tam-Tam drops greatly 11.4% to thirty-six billion one hundred and thirteen million yen, business profit decreases 31.5% to 1.87 billion yen.

To actorring or actress the outstanding achievement of garment library is behaved, fast sells a group to say to glide to basically suffer in the explanation in money newspaper warm winter is enraged and the influence is boycotted in Korea market. As Japanese market demand fatigued and weak, actor garment library relies on abroad dilate to promote growth all the time in recent years, but uncertainty also because of the amplification of dimensions control hard. Takeshi Okazaki of fierce of Qi of presiding and financial Guan Gang is in the group the brief that Zhou Si is in Tokyo the calm on the meeting bear, the abidance of Korea business glides to be affected badly to selling generation, “ Korea is very important part to us, at present this kind of circumstance of Shang Buqing Hunan can last how long. ”

According to the message before fashionable commerce dispatch is early, because of,actor garment library already had 3 doors store in Korea outstanding achievement not beautiful and shut, successive two months collection must even more of 40% drop, 8% what the sale of market of the Korea before this takes group gross income. Nevertheless Takeshi Okazaki emphasizes, chinese inland actors or actress garment library is next to the 2nd big market of Japan, it is a group the main growth impetus of overseas market outstanding achievement, at the same time the brand is quickening layout Euramerican, southeast Asia and Indian market.

relatively at other market, chinese consumer is in to the enthusiasm of actor garment library each years winter develops high point. Sheet shows pair of 11 a list of names posted up that release according to day cat, double last year library of 11 actor garment takes of reinforced material of men’s clothing of every days of cat, female outfit to sell champion again, and still be taken left underwear second place. This is actor garment library champion of the 4th female outfit, champion of the 2nd men’s clothing.

Actor garment library begins to participate in day cat from 2012 double 11, already continued to hold a title 5 years continuously day cat double 11 dress kind sale TOP1, odd-numbered days sale 120 million from 2013, to this year 16 minutes of sale are defeated 500 million, at present number of vermicelli made from bean starch of store of flagship of government of brand day cat already was broken through 20 million. Benefit from benefit from this, the electric business sale of land of the home in actorring or actress garment library is in inside report period is swelled greatly compared to the same period about 30% .

And actor garment library suffers abnormal weather influence to already became normal state in the sale of Japanese market. Monitor according to fashionable commerce dispatch, come nearly 3 years, one word of ” of “ weather element exceeds 10 quarters to appear in the newspaper of outstanding achievement money of market of Japan of actor garment library continuously.

Early before the analysis thinks, temperature and retail the relation between often is underestimated by the outside, but former one of elements of 3 big exterior drive that are influence outstanding achievement, actor garment library is opposite seasonal very sensitive, very big one part reason depends on its star product advocate play heat preservation effect. Mike Allen of outstanding Fu Rui’s analyst expresses, japanese shopkeeper especially fast sells a group to be opposite seasonal weather trend is very subtle, so monthly of shopkeeper of almost all dress sells the influence that is fluctuated by weather.

In addition, the business of cable of Japan of actor garment library sale performance that digitlizes channel is not good also, amplitude is recorded only 4% . Distinction offers at actorring or actress garment library is in China fluctuation of service, line is odd that day the sheet below door inn engaging the load and door inn mails a variety of excellent services, actor garment library deserves to send in electric business of Japan basic by Tokyo of Dou Jiangdong area bright storehouse is in charge of. But have not achieve centralize administration because of shop and network inventory, cannot efficient operation. The hand shortage problem that adds Japan is very serious, in order relatively busy phase of concentration is very difficult according to book time to deserve to send.

For this, library of Japanese actor garment is at the beginning of 2019 rolled out “ not urgent the deliver goods of ” serves, the customer that accepts defer 10 days to deserve to send can obtain 300 yen to add up to the coupon of 20 yuan of RMBs about. At the beginning of this month, herd of poineering company of actor garment library and industrial robot today the automation that Mujin adds up to oppose factory the whole line to produce flow transforms a project to had been finished, at present the dress product of shipment is finished by intelligent robot for the most part. Up to in October 2018, the storehouse that actors or actress garment library is set in Tokyo the artificial post of 90% is replaced by intelligent robot.

Shop in weather element and consumer the appetite is small below confused double action, the bottleneck that Japan actors or actress garment library is in a key period.

Face changeful consumer and weather, the choice of actor garment library with changeless should 10 thousand change, advocate make basic money, increase fabrics and function to wait for strength of innovation of science and technology ceaselessly on the foundation of core product, dedicated achieve perfection at tasting sheet, offer more extensive color alternative for consumer.

Sell the negative effect that cause to the product to reduce weather factor better, the production that fast sells a group to be based on artificial intelligence AI at be being started at the beginning of 2018 and retail change, analyse the mass data such as weather and popular trend through AI namely, calculate requires commodity amount, avoid to produce redundant product, and the goods that deserves to send consumer need as soon as possible. This demand forecasts a mechanism to will involve extensive target, the AIRism of functional sex underwear that includes to be sold in actor garment library.

Fast sells a group to return with dust the advisory company such as Sen Zhe cooperates, joint research and development can buy a record to forecast its to did not buy the new system of behavior according to the client. Have the product that calculate harder to waiting with the cosignatory series such as the other trademark such as Dishini, stylist and series of set limit to, fast sells a group to plan to raise accuracy through ceaseless trial and error.

Be spent in product vogue and satisfy customer new move respect, 2014 is a crucial turning point of actor garment library, as the affiliation of tide personage NIGO, the UT series platform that the head character of the tide art group such as the grand on American artist KAWS, village, Futura and Pharrell Williams is actor garment library early or late. Early before have statistic of industry public figure, before NIGO holds the position of chief inspector of UT series originality, the correlation of actor garment library and tide market is spent is 30% , after NIGO assumes office, this index promotes to 70% .

2016, actor garment library opens center of research and development in Paris, appoint Christophe Lemaire of chief inspector of former originality of be an official love a horse to be originality of center of Parisian research and development to design chief inspector, be in charge of guiding a group to make upgrade edition foundation money Uniqlo U series. The analysis points out, stylist is cosignatory at current this times already was not new issue, but can leave outstanding stylist and form convention, proved to actor or actress garment library offers the resolution of high grade dress for everybody. Through 3 years adjust, uniqlo U series already became customer every season most one of expectant series, ” of ” of high end of “ match colors, “ clipping air and “ nobility are not expensive ” is people refer when this series most the keyword that often alludes.

In channel respect, actor garment library tries to draw lessons from a brand to be in China the successful experience of the market. Group president holds presiding apparitor concurrently Liu Jingzheng was being accepted last year when interviewing, disclose, attach most importance to brace up the Japanese business that has hit a top, strengthening the business mode that study is in China, make efficient deserve to send system and use gregarious media to attract the act such as young customer already no time to delay, previously all the time by the Japan of Chinese follow the lead of, in electric business the respect also must dress to China nowadays.

Nevertheless the analysis expresses, actor garment library is in China of market outstanding achievement rise to sell a sale besides business of profit from cable considerably driving and outside the outspread strategy of inn of the door below the line, still be with product of actor garment library itself and the originality sale that are full of new move are concerned substantially, consumer is opposite pair of enthusiasm of 11 can tend after all coma, after all now besides double 11, still have double 12, and the “618” in year, price war is brief, can last truly have Wu of kimono of brand, product only.

Look in actor garment library, no matter be outstanding achievement,innovation is returned high is to continue to continue to hold a title explode only first place of paragraph a list of names posted up is secondary, more important is deepness has an insight into consumer life demand, hold industry trend in time thereby, let consumer produce reliance to the brand, and to sequel more products maintain expect.

Controller of brand of actor garment library is early forward summed up 3 keys to nod, the first is the crowd picture of certain brand, the life setting that finds them to be in next clears up demand, be in the China of length and breadth of land especially the market, the library meets actor garment formulate the strategy according to the city of different layer class, go be being communicated with consumer with suitable content.

Be aimed at the crowd of city of line of just a little, what actor garment library should try hard is the chest that how lets them in again much an actor garment library, and in 34 lines city, the strategic centre of gravity of actor garment library still is in those who taste card value to permeate on, communicate brand viewpoint of value and commodity value for example through regional media, the consumer of 34 lines of “ is far moderner than wanting in the imagination, do a brand to must dare to break traditional thinking. ” has 50% to come from 34 lines city in the WeChat user of actor garment library at present.

Meanwhile, actor garment library is planning to make Indian market into ” of market of China of the 2nd “ , this brand will be in October last year in a door inn of India in new moral character official start business, cause consumer to queue up to buy. It is reported was apart from Indian year that day the Lantern Festival of platoon of the biggest red-letter day has a few weeks Yao only, consumer of the India before this holiday can undertake be purchasinged greatly.

But industry public figure thinks to actor or actress garment library just sends force India to have bit of evening it seems that right now, brand competitor Zara and H&M were mixed early 2010 entered India to open door store 2015. Actor garment library still will be faced with the superintendency regulations with Indian extremely stringent market, the company must purchase any foreign countries that this country asks to own property of more than 51 % at least in this locality hold value of commodity of carry out of this state institute the raw material of 30 % .

Face the sound of doubt, liu Jingzheng states now is the optimal period that the brand enters Indian market, “ I think the latent capacity of Indian market and China are same, taller even. He still discloses ” the Indian talent with group general outstanding employ, allow business of their management India, I believe “ the optimal way that this is India of understanding of actor garment library. ”

Wait for the difference that acknowledge of Euramerican fast fashionable brand spends with Zara and H&M to make up for, actor garment library still is in bamboo slip of 300 million dollar made an appointment with denounce endowment 2018 Fei Dele of tennis giant star, through contending for sports sale resource. Liu Jingzheng takes comfortable life art and science to exhibit in “ emphasize on meeting ” , overweight of prospective dress function is fashionable, he thinks fashionable trend can change as time happening, but need to offer functional sex product from actual place, no matter how the trend changes,actor garment library can be faced.

Observe not difficult discovery carefully, the development course of actor garment library already deviate quick style, pull open a distance to wait for a competitor with Zara, H&M, the digitlization of the technical innovation that Liu Jingzheng delivers the view to the product gradually since 2016 and channel, quicken globalization dilate at the same time, and emphasize the metaphase of the group for many times wish scene it is to depend on “ digitlization to consume retail business ” to make global first dress retail manufacturer, at present this group acts the role of the market share of the domain to be next to Inditex group in sportswear.

Wish to realize metaphase as soon as possible scene, fast sells a group to express to be able to continue to enlarge actor garment library the business dimensions of overseas market, in the whole world main city opens large flagship store, with letting actor garment library the concept of LifeWear causes resonance in the whole world better, actor garment library is special last year in September rolled out first brand magazine ” Lifewear ” .

It is to feel actor garment library is close to the ceiling probably, fast sells a group to begin to put the one share of centre of gravity to GU brand. This group expresses to be able to continue to accelerate the layout of the pace of set up shop of GU and electric business domain, opened store of 3 GU door in Shanghai at the same time last month. GU brand president holds general manager teak concurrently to treat disclose on practice celebration, the brand notes further sign Chinese market, apply the past 6 years to accumulate the experience that rise neatly, go improving goods continuously, undertake new merchandise is developed, in order to abound product matrix, still can roll out different collaboration money in the light of different country, area, in order to satisfy the consumer pursuit to new move.

GU is the brand that fast sells a group to was founded in October 2006, advocate hit low, recumbent a when rolled out in March 2009 990 yen add up to jeans of 60 yuan of RMBs about and have his moment in Japan, average price is actor garment library 60% to 70% , be called by consumer ” of library of garment of actor of “ low edition.

In view of the whole world retail big environment lasts concussion, fast sells a group to be opposite up to this money August 31 year the attitude that supports discretion to guard, reduce annual income to anticipate to 2.3 trillion yen, profit anticipates also reduced 10 billion yen to come 165 billion yen.

Actor garment library

American vogue is retail bold and flowing! Forever21 closes 350 Gap closes 230

In electric business retail tycoon inferior when Ma Xun market prise approachs -727379968 dollars club ceaselessly, american hypostatic shopkeeper people however bold and flowing.

According to ” commercial inside ” the magazine is newest data, gross of American put up the shutters amounted to 9300 2019, broke the record that about 8000 shops shut 2017, there is no lack of among them the international brand such as the secret of Victoria, GAP, Forever 21. The report that Swiss credit will issue this year in October is warned say, the risk that predicts American shopkeeper inn closed down 2020 will be mixed euqally tall this year, even more flooey.

Luck believes an analyst to express, dress or textile shopkeeper will more and more the door store that manages outstanding achievement to owe beautiful hard, may appear another round greatly very much next year statement of large-scale put up the shutters, think a few be located in the shop inside shopping centers the most possible by large-scale shut, the door inn with the subordinate brand such as the secret that includes company of Mei Xi general merchandise, Peng Ni, Gap and Victoria.

It is reported, gap brand plans to be in future closes 230 doors store inside two years, predicting year income will reduce about 625 million dollar, but will managing cost of operation of nearly 90 million dollar, be immersed in like Gap brand low confused Banana Republic also can close partial door store, but group of short duration did not leak specific data.

The market share with close thought of brand of American sexy underwear also the change as consumer be fond of is rapid by nibble. To anabiosis thought is close, l Brands expresses to be able to close redundant door store actively, will close 53 doors store again in North America market this year. Dimension is in closely opened 820 store 10 years in all in the past, close 673 store, sold the right of administration of 130 inn.

The report that seeks advice from company BDO USA LLP according to United States of cite of wall street daily shows, the Forever 21 of shopkeeper of los angeles quick style that already applied for to go bankrupt closed store of 700 much doors in the United States first half of the year this year, this one word exceeded his 2018 the gross of put up the shutters of annual. Because with owner the negotiation fails, this brand still will close a division below 300 to 350 doors inn, among them 178 doors inn is located in the United States.

To decrease as far as possible and control cost, arcadia of group of the biggest dress is handing over England market of United States of evacuate of the decision after CVA plans, shut core brand Topshop and Topman to be located in 11 doors inn of the United States, cause the dissatisfaction that includes the estate business such as Vornado. Through investigation, american court thinks Arcadia group is had hand over go bankrupt the right of application, decide Arcadia wins the lawsuit, need not offset American landlord loss. After legal lawsuit cancel, arcadia group will be OK freedom closes door store, hand-in-hand travel cuts down the member of persons employed, the negotiation decreases the measure that hire and cuts cost.

Abercrombie&Fitch of American fashionable brand expressed this year in March, the plan closes store of about 40 doors, it is American native land shop for the most part among them. The bulletin of money of the 3rd quarter that this group will issue on November 26 shows, period forehead of carry out of sale in domestic market is 863 million dollar, under the analyst the 868 million dollar that anticipates before this, net profit drops greatly 73% to 6.5 million dollar.

Meanwhile, the tycoon of traditional general merchandise such as Mei Xi general merchandise, Xi Ersi general merchandise escapes hard also to rob, barneys New York is to announce to go bankrupt more. Among them Barneys New York will shut 15 in 22 doors inn, xi Ersi general merchandise was broken away from in Feburary this year go bankrupt after protection in August, will mix in September will begin in November new inn of round of doors closes the operation.

Begin from 2016 again and again general merchandise shut the Mei Xi of put up the shutters to be located in Huai Eming city, Washington city, California city, new York city, indiana city, Ma Sazhu to fill in this year city, Virginia city. Suffer this effect, the 3rd quarter sells Mei Xi general merchandise this year amount glides compared to the same period 4.3% to 5.17 billion dollar, net profit drops greatly 97% to 2 million dollar, since the sale that be the same as inn appears two years, glide first, drop for 3% .

According to bureau of American vital statistics (U.S. The retail in October sale that Census Bureau) announces beforehand appraise data, protruding of department store industry showed exhausted weak state, the sale of integral industry relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 6.9% it is to sell greatly not only, clothing store sale glides 2.7% , electronic product and home appliance business glided 3.4% .

Jay Sole of lucky silver-colored analyst still points out, should dog all right at present appraise value is in the index of the retail distributors such as product of dress, electron low, amount of inn of 3 quarters door dropped 6% , this was in the past 10 years in the 2nd fall slow, but shopkeeper of this one part has not cast off predicament at present. Disclose according to him, 13 appear on the market the sale this year is shopkeeper 30 billion dollar, altogether has nearly 12 thousand store, but total profit is negative number.

Making what American shopkeeper feels anxious more is, consumer to annual “ black on Friday ” discount no longer mad. As more and more shopping activities move arrives on the net, compare the price to become easier and easier, the temptation of commodity of special offer of the scare buying below the line is losing the appeal to shopper. Fuleisite studies the Sucharita Kodali of retail trade analyst of the company expresses, before people besides taking the advantage of “ black ” chooses a gift on Friday, return a few every day object that meeting him corner needs, and these go up to be able to be bought through the net now, and discount strength is stronger, discharged all night to queue up, contend for with the person grab wait for a trouble.

Coresight Research author holds presiding apparitor Deborah Weinswig concurrently to point out, “ black ” is no longer Friday weak point shopping section of a few days, lengthen however to a month, shift to an earlier date even two quarters can begin warm-up, farther dilute the appeal of activity of discount of shopkeeper of hypostatic general merchandise.

The analyst points out, what investor needs to notice is, to general merchandise industry, the biggest question is not the consumer that comes from the United States people, come from however at its oneself problem, because investigation shows, the tycoon of electric business times that is a representing with Yamaxun to this group course of study erode remain its biggest pain spot. Advisory orgnaization Coresight Research is making dogging think after investigation to American shopkeeper, if tide of put up the shutters lasts, the unused storefront of new York street mushroom, appear even unmanned area. To strengthen management, new York assemblyman already offerred the owner of unused shop undertakes registering, build a database, in order to seek more systematic solution.

Continue to worsen to prevent a situation probably, mei Xi general merchandise announced Torrence Boone of vice president of associate of client of cereal song whole world is directorate member recently, this day has go into effect. President of Mei Xi general merchandise holds presiding apparitor Jeff Gennette concurrently to express, the rich experience of Torrence Boone and globalization eye shot are crucial to the prospective development of the group, he will be Mei Xi general merchandise to provide more professional opinion and guidance in advertisement, sale and technical respect.

Bloomingdale’s will become first general merchandise of American that rolls out the service that rent, the new plan that its name is “My List At Bloomingdale’s” in September the middle ten days of a month begins to carry out, share many 100 60 many brands, exclusive product and design of ready-made clothes of fall of hundreds female outfit to choose for consumer. It is reported, the customer that subscription should serve needs every months to pay the fee of 149 dollars, can choose at least 10 goods that want to rent, to attract more user, every recommend the member a new personality joins the award that can win 25 dollars.

The traditional quick style that is a delegate with H&M and Zara also is quickening the market on layout line, the effect fadein of relevant strategy. Among them H&M is in grow 9% to add up to 46 billion RMB about to Ke Lang of 61.7 billion Sweden up to the sale of season of the 4th money by November, annual sale grows 11 % to add up to 173.7 billion RMB about to Ke Lang of 232.7 billion Sweden.

Group of Inditex of Zara parent company is rising compared to the same period up to the sale inside before 9 months by October 7.5% to 19.8 billion euro, wool interest rate is 58.2% , net profit rises greatly 12% to 2.72 billion euro. President Pablo Isla expresses, the growth of outstanding achievement is main the innovation of product of brand of inferior of profit from banner, and online below digitlization technology support go up the high quality service that inn of the door below the line provides and experience.

Because economy anticipates,become bleak nevertheless, american consumer confidence will fall this year in October to since June lowermost level, vigilance making a person all the time since the consumer expenditure that the economy that prop up grows may face a challenge. Seminar of world large company consumer confidence index will fall in October to 125.9, for successive the 3rd month drops, ju Xun anticipates median at economist.

Investigation of newest millionaire of CNBC of media of American finance and economics shows, american wealthy person shows bigger and bigger worry to be about to enter the economy 2020 and stock market, but overall sentiment still is held hopeful. Investigation shows, most millionaire does not think what to can weigh important matter affection to happen next year, or American economy can decline cliff, of 39% suffer the person that visit to express to predict economy of next year United States will go weak, the millionaire of 38% predicts next year economy maintains “ driving ” , the person of 27% thinks meeting “ is stronger ” .

OK and affirmative is, retail trade Wu also fell to create very great pressure to the line while the change that the consumptive habit of consumer carries to shift was creating opportunity to shopkeeper, american hypostatic shopkeeper wants to cast off current difficult position to still need to make more changes, put up the shutters stops caustic is not long plan.

Forever21  GAP

The time that leaves Celine is not much

The LVMH boss Bernard Arnault that just takes next Tiffany may be the near future most the character of scene. This epoch-making buy case the astute clue that yielded Bernard Arnault to prove him again and firm hot method.

But the LVMH nowadays still can’t let him feel complete be at ease.

Disclose according to personage of Fashionnetwork quote information, after afterwards ran show of independent men’s clothing this year in January, extravagant brand Celine will be in the Paris Feburary below LVMH banner fashionable dress week restores outfit of male and female to close beautiful, do alone for men’s clothing series no longer beautiful. And reason or did not obtain commerce to be concerned successfully with series of men’s clothing of Hedi Slimane of originality chief inspector. Nevertheless, séverine Merle of Celine presiding apparitor rejects to make a response to this hearsay, she states the brand is right men’s clothing and female outfit still ambition is dye-in-the-wood.

On the British vogue large award that holds in this week, division of the biggest competitor, group opening the cloud issues LVMH luxury brand Bottega Veneta is become that evening the biggest win the home, behead of with one action wins year brand large award, new the Daniel Lee of originality chief inspector that assume office more obtain at the same time promulgate year deserves to act the role of stylist, year daughter to install stylist and year stylist 3 large award. Have comment person opinion, daniel Lee from gave summit summit to use 8 months only.

Meanwhile, be not had to close by the Celine grain that LVMH expresses great expectations. Hedi Slimane of star originality chief inspector and Celine press a root to did not appear on nomination list, and the Jonathan Anderson of originality chief inspector of Loewe of card of LVMH banner inferior is in 4 award in compete with Daniel Lee front, but all cherish is defeated at latter.

LVMH is pulled this only win two award, the stylist of year men’s clothing that issues Kim Jones of chief inspector of originality of men’s clothing of luxury brand Dior to obtain for the banner respectively is big award, and the city luxury that group and the luxury brand FENTY that roll out when Gong Mingxing Rihanna gain card award.

Will nearly two years last to have a story to LVMH and the competition of group opening the cloud, be in " the B of LVMH plans " with " the “B of Gucci parent company plans ” " the detailed in waiting for an article was solved LVMH and group of luxury of two many brands carries group opening the cloud adjust brand matrix, change originality chief inspector, add note sale to wait for means of mutual handicap. Such competitive relation perspective is not aim to gift industry plot talks colour, announce however of backside of dominance trade act invisible motive, pay close attention to the essence of luxury business.

Meanwhile, the individual style that we also pay close attention to industry key character is decision-making to commerce commercial moving because. Come for years for example Bernard Arnault tastes an industry in luxury with act fruit definitely, oriented, emulative heart is strong as a result celebrated. Although the LVMH nowadays already was the whole world group of the biggest luxury, but to assure very preponderance, bernard Arnault all along does not allow a group to have any short board, or be faced with any exterior menace.

No matter be to buy Tiffany successfully, still move Kim Jones to Dior men’s clothing from Louis Vuitton, vacate the position of chief inspector of art of Louis Vuitton men’s clothing for Off-White author Virgil Abloh, or it is to be Rihanna to roll out FENTY brand, a series of this bold move show effect quickly, opened new phase for LVMH.  

Place in a certain position Hedi Slimane alone only chess of Celine this pace, did not achieve expectant result tardy. The rhythm of fashionable industry is faster and faster, daniel Lee was spent only did not guide Bottega Veneta successfully to cross a body to a year.  

And LVMH gave Hedi Slimane 5 only the time of series comes year of sale of a Celine from originally promotion of nearly 1 billion dollar comes 3 billion dollar, the opportunity that this means Hedi Slimane to leave 2 set only will come true break up dish, and LVMH is in newest the contribution that already began to change Celine to grow to outstanding achievement infirmly in money newspaper first quarter. The time that leaves Celine and Hedi Slimane already not much.

This year in January, we are in ” of luxury industry to betting a times ” express in one article, the “ that there is one Zhang Yin form it seems that between originality chief inspector and brand is right bet consultative ” . Brand management layer can give originality chief inspector to create freedom and day price compensation on the oldest rate, but the report that latter must hand over satisfaction of your management layer.

LVMH was without reservation to provide a large number of resource for Hedi Slimane almost. Go oneself after the beginning of the year joins Celine formally, all brand of Phoebe Philo of chief inspector of former originality of Hedi Slimane efface, change not only date of Zhang of brand Logo, clear empty government, more the Clasp that decides period of stop production Phoebe Philo is born explode paragraph vanity, more in-house personage divulges Hedi Slimane forbids employee to allude the name of Phoebe Philo, can say with generation of ” of chief inspector of “ former originality only, be in finally of LVMH insist to issued ability to retain a share classical vanity.

LVMH supports Hedi Slimane to roll out men’s clothing line for Celine, still run independent fashionable dress show for latter. In going one year, LVMH is in the unconscious cropland highway with Parisian the most expensive hire, new York for Celine the green hill harbor of Mai Dixun highway of Manhadu and Japanese Tokyo opens new store, shop is designed by Hedi Slimane full-fledged member. This year in October, the first perfume series with responsible Hedi Slimane appears on the market formally, this action is considered as a brand to spur the move that profit promotes. LVMH opened an independent perfume brand shop for Celine in Paris even.

Harvest of sit back and wait is after a series of investment pass when, but no matter how the advertisement of new Celine blots out the sky and cover up the earth, meantime outfit show and new product appear some ability not equal to one’s ambition, cannot stimulate consumer nerve.  

Young customer does not understand Hedi Slimane very easily, they are interrogative is, why beautiful field was full of new Celine not to have strange jeans and wool simply the skirt that reach knee, and why should they buy sheet for these high basic design. If put on these design to upload Instagram picture others to cannot identify,giving this is Celine, so they aux would rather go buying quick style.  

Across, what hep industry grows the fashionable dress of a general name for arteries and veins to comment on a bound to understand Hedi Slimane to depict is 70 time middle class savour prospect, present a reminiscent mood that consider country (Nostalgia) . Be opposite in the industry especially after the street tide that lacks connotation feels coma, such aftertaste appears more necessary than any moment.

In because this is in,going one year, group of fashionable dress review is in hard all the time defend Hedi Slimane, outward bound explains the logic of new Celine, emphasize Hedi Slimane be in the significant position in heart of solid vermicelli made from bean starch of He Jizhong of fashionable dress bound. Be in nevertheless successive after 3 set that lack change, fashionable dress comments on a bound to also feel exculpatory and faint even.  

People heart knows abdomen bright is, millennium generation consumer is had deep love for than any acting border restore ancient ways and Vintage dress, however what consumer hopes to see is not to mix go up century exactly like, the old clothes that is without innovation, pass different modelling collocation however, what behave finally is a kind of contemporary mood. After all, restoring ancient ways is not archaeology.  

Helakelite says, the person cannot be stepped into twice same a river. 20 years ago, what Hedi Slimane initiated an angular unruly is brand-new fashionable dress figure, he the style embedded Saint Laurent scores a success, but if want to use same recipe to be obtained the 3rd times in new Celine,succeed, probability is extremely low.

The Hedi Slimane that serves as an artist can be like a day 20 years to devoted to of course oneself style, but fashionable industry is in at any time however ” of “ suddenly turn hostile. After Celine of distance LVMH layout opens the Saint Laurent of cloud group one year to mark, competitive pattern produced change again. Bernard Arnault is likely absolutely did not think of, the Bottega Veneta that sale dimensions comparatives can become the menace of Celine so quickly.

Make one’s bow of fashionable dress market “ explodes paragraph times ” . It is very important really to sell image, but explode what figure translate into can sell only paragraph sheet is tasted, the commercial mechanism ability of luxury brand is started. Revive to be being lost personally especially the brand of the task, explode fund strategy is to urge senior agent. Brand loyalty spends extremely small new generation customer to emerge none can hesitantly to the next to explode paragraph sheet is tasted, no matter its out whose hand.

Saw Prada know. Although Miuccia Prada most those who be good at also is what estate produces in showing Europe is careful savour, but also begin to comply with market situation of late, roll out more young change sheet to taste, wait through bag of nylon of boots of large base engine, Hobo explode paragraph sheet is tasted attract young customer.

Bottega Veneta is direct confirm more explode of fund strategy effective. In Daniel Lee guide below, a few short the Bottega Veneta between the month made explode paragraph sheet tastes matrix.

The The Pouch that 2019 Chun Xia series roll out becomes a street to pat in one of vanity with exposure top rate, it still obtained Yun Duo of “ of a nickname to wrap ” in China. Bottega Veneta classical Intrecciato braided craft to be undertaken transforming by Daniel Lee, the configuration that braids with wide edition applies at The Arco vanity. Besides, almost each Instagram fashionable rich advocate had a pair of Bottega Veneta high-heeled shoes of high-heeled shoes of arris of square head broad case, square head mesh or square head bind height to follow a shoe.

In explode below the stimulation that paragraph sheet tastes matrix, if Bottega Veneta wishs those who greet the near future is the biggest rebound, growth of sale of the 3rd quarter approachs double digit, go up greatly compared to the same period 9.8% to 284 million euro, after responsible series product appears on the market, Daniel Lee suffers greatly reputably, mix in Western Europe especially North America market, record respectively 10% with the rapid growth of 17% . Inn having the door guides buy express, in the past 9 years, the sale of Bottega Veneta never is like so hopeful now.  

Before, fashionable dress stylist designs excellent fashionable dress only ability is qualified obtain year stylist special honour. And although the fashionable dress series of Daniel Lee is resonant flatly, still obtained the special honour of stylist of female outfit of year stylist and year however. The value that deserves to act the role of is promoted an unprecedented height.  

Cong Mou is planted say on degree, the position of contemporary originality chief inspector is to explode paragraph vanity establishs. Even if is Phoebe Philo, on its personal details besides establish independent woman figure besides, epochmaking also is to roll out smiling face bag, catfish bag to wait partly explode paragraph vanity. If the Jonathan Anderson of Loewe did not roll out bag of Puzzle, Gate Bag, small elephant, also acquire the position nowadays hard probably. Need not carry more explode paragraph vanity to Jacquemus such Neozoic stylist rose why to be planted the action of add fuel to the fire.

The vanity “16” that when Hedi Slimane just assumed office, rolls out in the market resonant and cool. And the failure of this vanity can expect almost. relatively the n vanity at Phoebe Philo times and high capacity of Bottega Veneta near future, suit to connect explode frequently paragraph vanity, this “16” more resembling is earnest portfolio, renovate designs the convenience sex that affected vanity capacity and fetch, the typical and logistic difference that this showed male stylist and female stylist.

Cold cold master is in person of fashionable dress comment express in article of individual public date, the vanity of Hedi Slimane is tasted newly make a person faint feel Hedi Slimane does not sit. The near future the Monogram printing series of new not old also ” is in both neither of a group of “ to react except the global market besides Korea cool. After still revising the popular vanity Box of Phoebe Philo period dimension, Hedi Slimane is rolled out afresh, but vermicelli made from bean starch not show respect for. Still a series of new Celine products let people see the sign of the brand such as Gucci, Goyard even, cause the people doubt to ability of Hedi Slimane innovation.

This the decision does not run show of independent men’s clothing, the likelihood also is LVMH is tightened up to Celine estimated signal, this or mean a group to had begun to shake to the confidence of Hedi Slimane.

If say the cooperative relation burst of Calvin Klein and Raf Simons, it is to result from the deviation that bilateral expectation is worth, so of LVMH and Hedi Slimane very clear to betting. Calvin Klein pays the issue that when high salary proposes a toast, did not settle from beginning to end in chief inspector of Xiang Mingxing originality is, what Raf Simons assumes after all is to upgrade the task of brand image, still stimulate the assignment that the brand sells. And LVMH and Hedi Slimane are clear however, the arrival of Hedi Slimane is not to rebuild Celine brand image.  

His garrison and of bold and resolute overturn will pay actual price again, its loss Celine faithfulness spends extremely tall woman customer, using the word of very much person to say is LVMH“ abandon ” customer of that batch of independent women. And ” of beat sb at his own game of “ of group opening the cloud, let Bottega Veneta carry on the woman customer of Celine of Phoebe Philo times.

LVMH detain notes the vermicelli made from bean starch of Hedi Slimane to be able to offset loss of this one share, install two category to attract more customer through the men and women, in order to spur the growth of income. However the businessman is being had to investing cost of return rate, limit most the nerve of acumen. Expectation is taller, disappointment is jumped over possibly big.  

With Hedi Slimane this kind stars photograph of originality chief inspector is compared, such new personality cost wants the Daniel Lee that recruit apparently small much. Young stylist position is relatively weak situation, easier “ obedient ” the commercial end at managing a layer, more as compatible as the brand that regards integrated movement as the machine. Although they lack experience, but be opposite in implementation the plasticity in betting a process is stronger however.  

Now, emulative LVMH does not worry about Bottega Veneta to whether will become the 2nd Gucci without reason, form menace to banner inferior card. Although cannot give help,open Louis Vuitton of antagonism of cloud group front and Dior because of Bottega Veneta, LVMH of sneak attack of flank of organic also meeting brand of the 2nd echelon formation. Besides, income also predicts Balenciaga of the brand below the division of group opening the cloud that comparatives with Celine dimensions this year will break through 1 billion euro first. In echelon formation of brand of 1 billion euro, LVMH earnestly needs a brand to develop new phase, will face the problem of mid cave in otherwise.

Although fly cloud group,subordinate Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent is billion euro level only, but they add up is a Dior.  

Course of study of extravagant of course moral is a long-distance running that spells eye to also spell rate. The Gao Guangshi of Bottega Veneta is engraved and fly cloud group the victory of layout of medium-sized and extravagant brand does not mean absolutely and hopeful prospect.  

When people sticks the label of next Gucci for Bottega Veneta, actually the dimensions of former not likely and true duplicate Gucci influences growth. Look from brand fixed position, long-term since the extravagant attribute of Bottega Veneta is very clear, the brand price Yuan Chao of Bottega Veneta gave very much common and fashionable fan, it is the consumptive ability of a few middle classes even, this filtered for the brand among one much estate consumer.  

E.g. , dimension of Arco 56 of skin of early Qiu Niu of Bottega Veneta 2019 is in double 11 open to booking valence to achieve 39500 yuan, the Arco 33 with a few smaller size opens to booking valence to be 27000 yuan, compare a shoulder with price of vanity of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, taller even. Last year the seventh evening of the seventh moon, bottega Veneta ever joined big fight of series of demarcate of the seventh evening of the seventh moon, issued the set of the seventh evening of the seventh moon that 4 vanity such as Catena City Knot give priority to, among them a freeboard price with 49800 yuan becomes a vanity with the most expensive last year the seventh evening of the seventh moon.  

And the success of Gucci depends on draw over large quantities of estate intermediate, latter contributed increment for the brand. And Bottega Veneta is not Gucci, former be to be service of a few rich personage in gene, what administrative levels consumer and brand kernel are existing to go up at all among draw over is contradictory. But not among draw over consumer, can be immersed in passivity on outstanding achievement again. Short-term inside, this still needs Bottega Veneta to endeavor to balance, the logic of backside of manage clear brand.

Unless “ falls oneself social status ” , otherwise Bottega Veneta runs very hard to Gucci 82 from sale of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of 1.109 billion Europe the nearly one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight dimensions of 100 million euro. But of luxury brand value build be not in one day, need takes care to caress, fixed position has the advanced luxury that Bottega Veneta is built for years to be able to be destroyed carelessly a bit at once. Whether to want to use “ to kiss market ” strategy to make increment, group opening the cloud also is met necessarily very careful.  

If want to be in,maintain luxury attribute to enlarge dimensions quickly, bottega Veneta is in of brand system make go up to be able to consult only Chanel, build include advanced and custom-built, colour makeup, scent inside complete product is Caesarean. Come so, what Daniel Lee needs to create is apparent it is not merely a few explode paragraph sheet is tasted, master Chanel to tell about the ability of brand story continuously however, and assure like old Buddha Karl Lagerfeld tens of year stable originality output. And these Bottega Veneta to just restoring vitality and wet behind the ears Daniel Lee, it seems that Dou Yanzhi is premature.

Bernard Arnault and this dish of chess that open François-Henri Pinault of cloud group boss still are continueing, and the wonderful place that this just is luxury business.


With Yamaxun ” part company ” be able to bear or endure gram, why to follow day cat be on terms of intimacy?

The rock-bottom logic of Sino-US cable business is distinguished, created the relation pattern with both and disparate brand.

According to fashionable commerce dispatch, american motion tycoon is able to bear or endure gram Nike announced recently, after afterwards announces presiding apparitor Mark Parker is nonofficeholding, be able to bear or endure absurd holiday season is about to begin Ke Zaisheng eve decision is in no longer platform sells Yamaxun directly sneaker kimono outfit, end the pilot project with Yamaxun, but its application process and the cloud that the website can continue to use Yamaxun serve. Industry is caused after the message comes out an in an uproar.

Be able to bear or endure the gram expresses, this action aims to play the significance between close brand and consumer further, promote consumer the experience better thereby, prospective group basically will pass him the retail network of straight battalion and platform still have the partner with sole other to undertake selling.

Be able to bear or endure the gram is stationed in Yamaxun at be being entered formally in June 2017 platform, with processing the slow-moving inventory of the brand and discount commodity better, it is this brand and whole world the key that 30 thousand shopkeeper begin cooperative professional work one pace. Fill an analyst high to predict at that time, be able to bear or endure after overcoming direct on Yamaxun sale, year sale hopeful increases again 300 million to 500 million dollar. Look now, this paragraph of collaboration that lasts two years only did not give apparently be able to bear or endure the gram brings remarkable result.

Those who deserve attention is, be in be able to bear or endure the cloth that overcome announce is in those who sell goods directly no longer on Yamaxun before today, be able to bear or endure what the gram issues day cat platform in the Ba Baqi in A is double 11 carry off however remarkable success, the brand cuts 1 minute of 45 seconds when 100 million yuan are used only, cost to break through 1 billion yuan to close greatly namely, still be this year double the athletic brand with 11 the most driving sales. Be in early double 2017 11, be able to bear or endure the gram ever was day cat on dress history first defeat the businessman of 1 billion, get run motion consumes category, last year brand also at noon 12 when before breakthrough 1 billion.

Be able to bear or endure the specific aim strategy of the gram is this body is in a key to adjust not only period of the brand appeal to beg reflect, more the difference that refracts a tycoon of Sino-US cable business.

Be Sino-US market situation above all is different. Regard the United States as one of the most well-known trademarks, be able to bear or endure gram no matter be a line,go up in American market or taller market permeability had been obtained below the line. And Chinese market especially the market on the line still is in fast dilate, had become be able to bear or endure the significant growth momentum of the gram.

Be in up to 3 months August 31 inside, be able to bear or endure gram group gross income grows 7% to come compared to the same period 10.6 billion dollar, exceed an analyst to anticipate, net profit rises greatly 24% to 1.36 billion dollar, wool interest rate is achieved 45.7% , operation expense grows 10% to come 2.3 billion dollar, the abidance that basically plans to transition as a result of the group invests.

Among them North America area serves as be able to bear or endure the base camp of the gram, battalion closes to grow 3.6% compared to the same period, relatively smooth. Battalion of big China area closes successive collection of the 21st quarter gets double digit to rise, go up greatly compared to the same period 22% to 1.68 billion dollar, among them portion is the largest is a shoe kind business, this business sale grows 27% to come compared to the same period 1.2 billion dollar.

In be able to bear or endure the gram was entered 2017 before be stationed in Yamaxun, american consumer is already hep be able to bear or endure gram, and have purchase channel in great quantities, include the tripartite agency above Yamaxun to sell the home. Say from this meaning, be affected into the sale that is stationed in Yamaxun to was overcome to be able to bear or endure and not quite, yamaxun sheds the advantage on consign to also can’t make main appeal in content. To instantly be able to bear or endure the gram, more important is inside the digitlization ability that influences group oneself, centering promotion official net and self-supporting APP actual strength just is first job.

This year in October, be able to bear or endure the gram announces to currently hold the post ofpresiding apparitor Mark Parker to shift to an earlier date nonofficeholding, its president and presiding apparitor position will by replace of directorate member John J.Donahoe, should appoint will at next year on January 13 become effective, at the appointed time the executive president that Mark Parker can continue to hold the position of a group. John J.Donahoe once was the presiding apparitor of EBay, also be chairman of PayPal board of directors, this appoints be considered as to be able to bear or endure the mark that centre of gravity of gram strategy layout draws close to digitlization domain ceaselessly.

The analysis thinks the affiliation of John J.Donahoe can be guided probably be able to bear or endure the breakthrough with gram bigger implementation. Overcome Andy Campion of presiding and financial officer to divulge according to be able to bear or endure, be able to bear or endure the gram already built a new long-term development model, that should transform namely the group that is dominant in order to digitlize, establish directer connection with global consumer.

Differ with Yamaxun into the cat that be stationed in a day, china has a large number of sinking the market is disentombed urgently. True condition may be, the person that in dividing the development with abroad edge the area may have heavy consumption does not know to be able to bear or endure gram, lack even buy quality goods to be able to bear or endure the channel of the gram, the store of day cat flagship that gets quality goods endorses can bring increment for the brand apparently.

In fact, be in early be able to bear or endure the gram is released 2018 money year when the conference that money of the fourth quarter signs up for, the money newspaper conference that grows 80 minutes when alluded 7 times day cat. Be able to bear or endure at that time the gram already was attributed to the outstanding achievement of Chinese market the collaboration of the cat that be the same as a day. Mark Parker points out, be able to bear or endure the heart that captures a group basically is to roll out taste newly, turn straight battalion store retail mode and electric business business. And the collaboration with day cat is electric business Wu is main make a part.

Next, alibaba and Yamaxun ever were regarded as hypostatic and retail foe, but both is in recent years on strategy disparate already. Yamaxun and the part that Alibaba acts in brand construction respect are disparate. Yamaxun still is channel up to now, and Alibaba is besides channel, oneself fixed position is the platform that the brand builds. Yamaxun’s current sale activity basically is Prime Day is mixed black the festival of traditional sales promotion such as 5 discounts.

In the light of enter the brand government store that be stationed in formally, the favourable policy that Yamaxun can offer and algorithm tilt it seems that very finite also. When consumer the search is able to bear or endure when the gram, yamaxun did not resemble store of flagship of day cat brand entering the mouth brand government shop euqally put in coping fix eyes upon the position, mix official shop product and product of tripartite agency together however. And because be able to bear or endure gram store is newer, the comment that nod assist is less, yamaxun’s algorithm is met even page of park of product of general square shop is bottom.

Yamaxun more resembling is discharge polymerization implement, it did not build its brand community. And the monitoring data according to Gartner L2, the kit brand of 96 % includes video on day cat, and the brand of 65 % contained star sale content. Dog there are 83 % to set brand area in the coping that searchs a result in monitored kit brand, make sale information is in central position from beginning to end, elbow out tripartite in order to achieve to sell domestic end.

In addition, of Alibaba 618, double 11 and double 12, release the pressure of sales promotion in year counteract year end many time place. Besides, the sale IP such as ” of super brand day is “ day cat the brand provided period of time of exclusive sales promotion, help brand will be tasted newly that day in brand day have a hair, perhaps have the product hitting losing sales promotion.

Clean out treasure and day cat to returned development to give one a complete set of to be aimed at the sale tool of the brand. Press for example click pay the cost, sale tool that follows promotion to sell an implementation product seed “ clean out treasure direct car ” . In addition Alibaba allows the put forth effort on sale inside quite much, the direct seeding that clean out treasure, head that clean out treasure, small it is naughty, good to have the goods promotion channel that cleans out treasure, and the form of new media sales promotion such as the direct seeding that clean out treasure is making Alibaba develops towards gregarious zoology.

Cent set Alibaba to clean out treasure and day cat platform, established the Luxury Pavilion that is aimed at luxury brand again on day cat platform. Such pyramid structure accords with the demand that different type brand builds. Be aimed at the fake issue that the brand minds most, did not do similar storied Yamaxun did not obtain significant progress all the time on fake problem, and although suffer bad-mouth,Alibaba cleans out treasure platform below the banner, but day cat platform offerred quality goods to assure to analyse feedback with data, can attract a brand to enter more halt. Garrison China not formally to returning especially the brand of the market, day cat platform has made important diving board.

A series of this sale tools and activity accentuated undoubtedly brand budget burden and operation pressure, your the electric trade department of many brands and operation personnel feel all of body and mind is exhausted, show itself to hoping flow of have the aid of is rapid nevertheless, carry brace up sales volume and the brand of luminosity exposing to the sun, alibaba still offerred richer solution and sale opportunity, two respects can be built to gain promotion in sales volume and brand.

Have brand and the 3rd when into what be stationed in a brand interest allocation becomes influence platform and brand concern main reason oneself. In recent years ceaseless detain notes Yamaxun to have brand strategy oneself, expand of fashionable domain ceaselessly as Yamaxun, hopeful of this business income breaks up in next year implementation times to 85 billion dollar. And Alibaba did not develop any have a brand oneself, clean out a brand through giving aid to secondhand with net red collaboration only. This also decided Yamaxun is in have oneself the brand is mixed halt between the brand, sure and forward person tilt.

According to ” wall street daily ” early before report, yamaxun is passed optimize algorithm, last year the end of the year adjusted the search system of website of its cable business, will preferential indication Yamaxun has the van that searchs a result oneself below the banner the product of the brand, and rather than and “ of user input result are the most relevant the product of ” . Personage of know the inside story says, yamaxun can control self-supporting commodity make and divide annul, cut middleman and sale cost, because of this Yamaxun retail group hopes to the product that has a brand oneself is stressed in searching a result in order to raise the profit margin of electric business Wu, this one practice still caused Yamaxun the difference between group of company interior search and retail group.

This also is why the market a lot of moment inspect the Yamaxun of nibble dress market a tremendous menace, is not a partner.

According to the newest findings report that Coresight Research issues, yamaxun beats Woerma successfully already, become most the dress shopkeeper that suffers American consumer to love. The report shows, in the adult of 1732 United States that accepts investigation, those who have 65% suffer the person that visit in Yamaxun the website buys clothing or the shoe walks on a product, dress surmounts book, United States makeup and electronic product to become Yamaxun the website sells most product.

Findings is apparent to dress shopkeeper it is a bad news. Of 21.5% suffer the person that visit to express to be able to choose Yamaxun product of self-supporting dress brand, its are self-supporting dress brand walks on the sales volume in the category to be next to in whole dress shoe be able to bear or endure gram, Under Armour and Adidas. Have about 19 % additionally suffer the person that visit to express to plan a part or all dress expenditure this year from T.J. The shopkeeper such as Maxx and Marshalls transfers Yamaxun, prep above the 16.6 % last year.

Actually, peng Bo is in early divulged with respect to personage of cite know the inside story Yamaxun is in and supplier of a few large sprotswear spreads out collaboration 2017, development of in an attempt to has the athletic dress of the brand oneself, think this action will be in this blatant already motion industry raises new storm, a few the oldest motion brands are faced with your whole world to compete newly. The message comes out that day, lululemon share price drops greatly for a time 4.9% , under Armour also issues defeat 2.8% , be able to bear or endure gram share price also glides immediately.

This year in September, this message is confirmed eventually. Prevenient hind sortie female outfit, underwear is mixed after domain of United States makeup, yamaxun and Puma of German motion brand signed an agreement, roll out collaboration sprotswear brand Care Of, share 50 products, include sneaker, render pants, T-shirt and deserve to act the role of etc, rise in case the ball is made with the fabrics that prevent sweat, series product is in at will rising on September 23 Yamaxun the put on sale on platform.

the Puma that is located in Europe to base camp, its appeal to beg be able to bear or endure with what had achieved tall permeability the gram is different. Want to act the role of a domain to contend for larger portion in American kit, stand in contrary with its and Yamaxun, use oneself advantage and Yamaxun powerful powerful combination perhaps is a new opportunity. After opening cloud group to part company with Gucci parent company last year, the outstanding achievement of Puma grows quickly continuously, shift strategic focus to North America market gradually, at new York is in by August the 5th highway opens first flagship store, join formally Adidas, Lululemon and Under Armour and be able to bear or endure in the intense competition of the gram.

Apparent, yamaxun has been a wall that market share does not circle hope brand dilate to go, but be able to bear or endure the strategy that the brand that the gram has speech this kind to counterpoise more always hopes to become platform is first option. More what is more,the rather that, be able to bear or endure the gram is very difficult incorrect hope with the Yamaxun that oneself the brand divides up athletic market share the heart is born secretly ill feeling.

Jefferies analyst Randy Konik expresses, well-known trademark does not need Yamaxun. Yamaxun has an advantage on delivery rate, but this kind of dominant position is current already so not apparent. Well-known trademark has realized, guide discharge him website is more profitable, and can promote oneself brand actual strength, and the increment income gain that through Yamaxun the discharge of the website realizes is inferior, lesser also to the promotion strength of the brand. A lot of powerful dress brands will avoid as far as possible in the future or weaken the dependence to Yamaxun.

Besides above a variety of, yamaxun and Alibaba are online the strategy of next retail sides also is put in difference. Early before Yamaxun rolls out Amazon Go of unmanned and convenience inn, alibaba advances new retail idea, tycoon of global cable business delivers the view in succession fall to the line, investment development includes non-staple food business of chain, general merchandise exceeds and electronic product is retail wait for a line to issue retail trade Wu. In heavy model and respect of influence consumer behavior, these two companies have huge data advantage apparently.

Go up as the line the brand is not confined to a line to go up really to the expectation of platform nowadays, however O2O falls with the line on the line namely. Be able to bear or endure the gram been growinging city of beach, California and Tokyo to open store of Nike Live door, this locality of notional side overweight of Nike Live is changed, custom-built, number is compositive inside inn with social activity. Be able to bear or endure the gram expresses, through online to local consumer buy mode, application to use circumstance and participate in spent abidance to analyse, these shop aux will be able to cater to the demand of local community better quite.

Rose in April from this year nevertheless, yamaxun begins to adjust a line to lay retail strategy, shut complete beauty in succession 87 show inn quickly, will open more bookshops and “ newly ” of 4 stars shop, offer more comprehensive client experience and more extensive product alternative. Early before these establishing in inn of door of total eclipse supermarket, Kohl’s and shopping centers show inn quickly to be able to let client try out Yamaxun’s product, wait like loudhailer of intelligence of Kindle electron reader, Echo.

With more lay particular stress on is compared from the Yamaxun that has a brand, the strategy on Alibaba’s line is same more around the brand the service undertakes. This year in July, day cat opened life of ideal of Club of first day cat to experience a center in Shanghai K11. This project goal is the data capacity that relies on Yu Tian cat is mixed new retail tool, crowd of user of test of private parts yielding a clue will get more deep-seated operation is mixed change.

According to fashionable commerce dispatch, sale of the 3rd quarter grows Yamaxun compared to the same period this year 24% to sixty-nine billion nine hundred and eighty-one million dollar, exceed 68.8 billion what the analyst anticipates, AWS clean sale is swelled greatly 35% to 9 billion dollar, but profit of group whole net drops greatly compared to the same period 26% to 2.134 billion dollar.

Alibaba 2020 money year total battalion of the 2nd quarter closes it is one hundred and nineteen billion and twenty million yuan, prep above market anticipates, the corresponding period was 85.15 billion yuan last year; After adjusting not plan accrual, duty, the profit before depreciation and amortize is 37.1 billion yuan of RMBs. Alibabadi 2 quarters moon is active and mobile user 785 million, prep above market beforehand appraise 752.4 million. The battalion that comes from core cable business closes to grow 40% compared to the same period, achieve a RMB one hundred and one billion two hundred and twenty million yuan.

It seems that, alibaba is making the choice to appeal is being had more tripartite brand. Industry analysis thinks generally, be able to bear or endure the gram won’t be the last the brand that abandons Yamaxun, future will have more brand follow the lead of be able to bear or endure the act of the gram. Although Yamaxun is on system capacity,still turn up his nose at a large number of heroes, but it also should offer more and additional value for the brand.

Do not cross Yamaxun oneself brand strategy also offerred enough stability and profit to assure for platform, and be different from strong Alibaba, of platform part change infirmly also provided a more fair and open commerce space for miniature businessman, and the kidnap that need not be passed much regulation.

Of electric business of future contend for, it is Alibaba and Yamaxun apparently the contend of these two kinds of method.

Be able to bear or endure gram

Vans parent company net of season of the 2nd money evens more 600 million dollar, chinese market income rises greatly 20%

Come off after the bull-puncher business such as Lee power rich group is seeking bigger breakthrough.

According to data of fashionable commerce dispatch, be in up to the season of the 2nd money September 30 inside, vans parent company power the income that rich group will come run business continuously oneself grows 5% to come compared to the same period 3.4 billion dollar, not plan buy and asset comes off, the income after adjusting grows 6% , net profit rises greatly compared to the same period 28% to 650 million dollar, relatively at going up of year of the corresponding period drop greatly 70% clear improvement.

On half money year, power rich group sale grows 6% to come 5.664 billion dollar, net profit grows 5% to come 698 million dollar. Up to the report period end, card of inferior of this group division has 1413 straight camp in all in the whole world retail dot, increase 24 completely.

Inside report period, power rich group gets the driving growth of 20% in Chinese market collection, drive Asia-Pacific market sale to go up greatly 14% , income of American native land market grows 7% , amplitude of sale of America other area is 11% , infrequent collection gets the sale of EMEA of 1% drop, the sale that comes from wholesale channel grows 3% , straight battalion is retail channel goes up greatly 11% , main profit from the driving amplitude of 15% drives electric business Wu.

This year July, power rich group issues the standard formally the bull-puncher dress branch that covers the brand such as Lee, Wangler comes off, only outdoors, motion, job mixes remnant other 4 branches. Growth of outstanding achievement of season of the 2nd money is most remarkable for athletic section, sale rises compared to the same period 9% to 1.413 billion dollar, profit rises greatly 11% to 388 million dollar, the outdoors branch that covers the brand such as Timberland, The North Face grows 4% to come 1.525 billion dollar, profit drops 1% to 256 million dollar, coverall branch income drops 4% to 436 million dollar, profit drops greatly 24% to 38.21 million dollar.

Vans still is power rich group most the growth momentum of core, sale of season of the 2nd money is swelled greatly compared to the same period 14% , among them amplitude of retail channel income is straight battalion 17% , amplitude of retail channel sale is as high as electric business 24% , wholesale channel sale is recorded of 11% rise.

The report shows, the shoe of season of the 2nd money walks on Vans sectional sale grows 13% , dress and deserve to act the role of a branch to rise 17% , the brand grows 15% in the sale of American native land market, rise in the sale of EMEA 4% . Go up greatly in the Asia-Pacific market sale that includes China 28% , the brand is as high as 35% in the sale amplitude of Chinese market.

This year in June, power rich group becomes day cat to taste innovation center newly to be in the chief deepness partner of dress domain, 2011 the number of vermicelli made from bean starch of accumulative total of store of flagship of Vans day cat with respect to practice already exceeded 10 million. By September, vans is returned together YOHO of group of domestic youth tide! Roll out “ to play with respect to Vans! ” tastes series newly, special invite ATTEMPT, MYGE, Randomevent and ROARINGWILD4 Chinese native land brand, will respective growing story gifts in be being designed jointly this.

A series of couplet famous product of profit from and Supreme are tasted, power The North Face of brand of below rich group division another core promotes ceaselessly in the consequence in young customer, sale of season of the 2nd money is recorded the amplitude of 8% , come from straight battalion among them the income of retail channel grows 7% , retail sale amplitude is electric business 13% , wholesale channel sale rises 9% .

The North Face of season of the 2nd money goes up greatly in the sale of Chinese inland market 12% , drive Asia-Pacific market sale to grow 9% . Power rich group emphasizes in money newspaper, although period inside the brand glides somewhat in the outstanding achievement of Hong Kong, but the driving expression of market of inland of China be been in by The North Face is quits.

Outdoors shoe walks on brand Timberland sale to continue to be recorded of 1% drop, depressed influence of the America area outside basically getting the country that divide the United States and EMEA market outstanding achievement, the income growth that the brand is in United States of native land market is most remarkable, record 11% , grow 4% in the Asia-Pacific market that includes China, basically be lifted Chinese market by the amplitude of 17% brace up.

The sale of Dickies of tool sportswear brand that founded in American Texas 1922 drops 4% , basically suffer supply catenary to catch up with not in time demand be a burden on, the brand drops greatly in the sale of American native land market 11% , record in EPEA market of 3% drop, nevertheless market of profit from China evens more the income amplitude of 50% is driven, the brand goes up greatly compared to the same period in the sale of Asia-Pacific market 20% .

At present power rich group is in the crucial node of transition, future will be more dedicated the domain that lies fallow to wait for rapid growth with outdoors dress at motion. By last month, this group divulged 5 years of new transition plan on the investor meeting that in Keluoladuo the city holds, will from it is for dominant change with the number mix with consumer retail for the center, optimize product combination, increase the investment strength of the Asian market to including China, come true inside 5 years thereby 5% grow to the rate of compound annual interest of 8% , the free cash that generates accumulative total to restrain 8 billion dollar at the same time flows, counter-purchase through the stock return to partner return 10 billion dollar.  

As the one part of transition, power rich group still is rolled out brand-new Logo, capitalization of instead of name of group of the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral, this is this group changes Logo 21 years first, roll out new slogan, “ target is oriented, performance drive ” , make clear the fixed position of the group further.

Power express in the telephone conference after rich group president holds presiding apparitor Steve Rendle concurrently to sign up for in money, although environment of economy of global ground predestined relationship becomes more and more doubtful,decide, but the group is confident to entering the business foreground of second half of the year, emphasize future 5 years the growth of 80 % of group or will come from Vans and The North Face. Scott Roe of presiding and financial officer discloses, power rich group from China purchase quantity general from current 7% decrease to 4% , the effect that causes with reducing custom duty to change.

Those who need vigilance is, power rich group is challenged in what Chinese market is faced with and competition also is in as the growth of good luck ceaseless promotion. According to ” Chinese outdoors industry reports ” data, mixed 2018 China is outdoors 2019 of dress market add fast will amount to two digit, hopeful exceeded 20% 2020.

Below positive trend, columbia of brand of dress of American outdoors motion already called in the right of administration that is in China, germany is outdoors brand Deuter also calls in Chinese representative accredit, ROSSIGNOL of brand of outdoors campaign style is quickening the France that IDG capital invests market of China of race to control.

To 2020 money year annual, power rich group predicting income still is 11.8 billion dollar about, grow 6 % compared to the same period. Differentiate by the branch, outdoors branch income predicts growth makes an appointment with 5 % , athletic section income restrains growth 8 % to come 9 % , tool branch income restrains growth 2 % to come 3 % , slightly under before those who forecast 3% to 5% , the income that comes from an international market predicts to restrain growth 4 % to come 9 % , predicting growth of retail channel income makes an appointment with straight battalion 11 % come 12 % , hopeful of digital business sale registers the growth that gets 25 % .

Not outstanding achievement of Guo Weifu group still did not reach wall street investor people anticipate, share price of 5 closing quotation drops greatly last week 7.64% to 84.15 dollars, since this year accumulative total rises 18% , market prise is 33.5 billion dollar about.


Violent wind of the share price inside year rises Li Ning even more 200% , behave best sprotswear brand into the whole world

Young customer is spent to the self-identity of home products brand go tall continuously, summit of summit of Li Ning regain.

Monitor according to fashionable commerce dispatch, li Ning of brand of domestic movement dress (02331.HK) share price is recorded 5 days so that rise continuously last week, continue to go up greatly now 1.57% to 25.95 HK dollar, the share price since this year already accumulative total rises even more 200% , record 204% , market prise already broke through 60 billion HK dollar, achieve nearly 9 years to come new tall, make share of first-rate of the expression in index of MSCI AC Asia-Pacific, in global dress kind same show is optimal in the stock.

Magenshidanli expresses, plum sprotswear of Ning Zheng benefit from benefit from is in China more and more welcome trend, acquire larger market share from inside quick style and recreational dress. Although of Li Ning mix long-dated 12 months forecast city to be filled with rate already amounted to 35 times, of prep above Nike 30 times 25 times with Adidas closer, analyst still bullish this. In the analyst grade of collect, have 28 average, 6 neutral, without sell a grade, this means this to still have the space that rises further probably, feel aesthetic exhaustion till investor.

According to data of fashionable commerce dispatch, be in up to the on half money June 30 inside year, li Ning sale is swelled greatly compared to the same period 33% reach 6.25 billion yuan, wool interest rate increases a percent to 49.7% , net profit rocket 196% reach 795 million yuan, management cash flows increase 107% to 1.366 billion yuan of RMBs. Li Ning expresses in money newspaper, the growth of outstanding achievement is main profit from brand is effective element of ground general China and have confluence of photograph of ” of “ sports gene oneself, aroused young customer to taste the affection of the card and resonance to home products.

Occupy public data additionally to show, 2017 first half of the year, 2018 first half of the year, 2019 profit of Li Ning net is recorded respectively first half of the year 189 million, 269 million, 561 million. The reason part that net profit reverses 3 times because a land of hold of place of Inc. of Shanghai red double happiness is received by the government store brought one-time investment income, li Ning group shares relevant one-time earnings to make an appointment with 270 million RMB. But after deducting one-time profit and loss, profit of Li Ning net still turns over times, rise 109% to 561 million yuan of RMBs.

Those who deserve attention is, li Ning faces the problem of brand ageing for a time, the new way —— that brand power enhances at was being found last year after is fashionable. Actually, li Ning marchs vogue is stemmed from at first accidental. Last year the beginning of the year, below the chance that Li Ning invites in day of China of day cat new York, enter week of new York fashionable dress, obtain outstanding echo accidentally however, be regarded as the significant turn on brand phylogeny.

Back-to-back, the week of Parisian men’s clothing last year June, week of new York fashionable dress and the week of Parisian men’s clothing this year June appeared this year in Feburary Li Ning’s form. The 2020 Chun Xia set that will issue this year in June are the brand does 2 degrees in Paris not only beautiful, also be Li Ning after line of fashion of formal establish Li Ning appear first. According to statistic, topic of small gain of Li Ning # of China of the # after show discusses read a quantity to amount to 270 million, transmission reports more than 12 thousand.

Li Gang of fashionable line general manager is opposite Li Ning express, “ we found through becoming fashion correct, the development direction that fits Li Ning, at the same time the hope is other category to wait like basketball, ran through becoming fashion accumulate experience. Serve as breach with vogue, ultimate goal is to hope all product line can develop rise. ” falls in such premise, although vogue makes a piece of trump card that Li Ning comes to two years, but the whole of the company is run all very healthy.

Look at present, capture professional spend with vogue, the walking on two legs already became the methodology of category of Li Ning core. It is with basketball category exemple, li Ning already moved with international on product, channel and sale the brand dresses, include the professional match resource such as league matches of integrated CBA profession, seek resource of high-end major basketball to endorse, at the same time focusing science and technology innovates with star money, reinforce street tide image, and activity of the fan below the discharge on the line and line is united in wedlock, cause open to booking mobile topic to spend.

This year first half of the year, category of Li Ning basketball is retail running water goes up greatly 44% , occupy 28% ; The athletic style that includes Chinese plum peace is retail running water goes up greatly 54% , occupy 29% ; Category of Li Ning ran is retail running water drops 8% , occupy 21% ; Train kind of retail running water to rise 14% , occupy 20% . 2019 total first half of the year sales volume exceed the series of dress of athletic style category that includes Chinese plum to could there be inside 5.2 million, taste rate of carry out exhaust newly to exceed 50% , work off exceeds shoe series first half of the year 40 thousand pairs.

Li Ning emphasizes in money newspaper, the development that prospective group carries out ” of “ only brand, much category, much channel is politic, consolidate further product strength and brand force, deepen sale resource layout, accelerate channel diversity development, promote operation efficiency, support and deepen Li Ning type to learn value.

In product side, li Ning will continue focusing basketball, ran, training, badminton and athletic style category of 5 big core, strengthen scientific to motion understanding and research continuously, contented consumer changes requirement to the difference of sex of each category function, offer more the product that human nature is changed and specializations. In the meantime, li Ning will explore the popular trend that culture lives continuously, through convection the essence of travel element allows to catch and the thorough research that leads a group to tide, promote a brand the consequence in young customer.

The report shows, sneaker serves the market is the industry that dress domain amount to does not have high concentration of large-scale, fast growth at the same time more, in experience extensive dilate, bitter adjust and anabiosis after growing 3 processes, be in tall boom to increase level at present, year of compound increase rate that predicts to did not come 5 years will be as high as 10.4% . Chinese kit acted the role of market dimensions 2018 264.8 billion yuan, already exceeded game dimensions.

Look in the Li Ning that has tasted unsuccessful flavor nevertheless, future still is full of uncertainty, but this group appears to had fumbled in the setback the way that gave oneself. Li Ning used type of Li Ning of ——“ of vocabulary of an original creation to experience value ” in newest money newspaper, mean the domestic brand that is a representing with Li Ning to had jumped from inside the onefold thinking that produces an age greatly, it is consumer consider truly, compose built to join science and technology and the brand that fall with the line on fashionable, product and culture, line experience.

Li Ning

Does the apple abandon luxury strategy? New IPhone drops now defeat 5000 yuan

IPhone nots hesitate depreciate to also swear to stay in China firmly market share. This to its in recent years luxury line, it is the strategy backs down undoubtedly.

Now early morning, the newest IPhone set that will issue on September 11 begins formally to deliver goods, many users that booked new fund IPhone had taken hypostatic chance. Unlike the bleak picture last year, newest IPhone put on sale still is in China market ovation. Suffer the dark night green match colors of attention this fully especially, woke up the consumer new move to IPhone afresh it seems that.

Late on September 13 at 8 o’clock, IPhone 11 series is tasted newly open to booking formally in day cat open. That evening, store of flagship of malic day cat clinchs a deal one minute broken 100 million. Among them green number of dark night of IPhone 11 Pro spends the sky that be grabbed, filling goods of the same night of store of day cat flagship 4.  

Those who sell a state is hot closely related as politic as the price adjustment. On this autumn news briefing, the apple released IPhone 11, IPhone 11 Pro and IPhone 11 Pro Max 3 mobile phones, among them the price since IPhone 11 is 5499 yuan, cheaper than the IPhone XR last year 1000 money, what product petty gain takes the place of before becoming on malic history generation to compare is new article, be coverted to depreciate for “ by industry evaluation ” . IPhone 11 is formal now after put on sale, its drop even in tripartite platform defeat 5000 yuan, go all out great achieve an entire network minimum price with 4999 yuan. Many electric business medium of communication, dealer channel has begun to be pair of 11 provision to depreciate sales promotion.  

Those who deserve attention is, hua Weigang just released mobile phone of Mate 30 series in German Munich last night, price is 799 euro since, add up to 6200 RMBs about, domestic price or lower, the price since Mate 20 series was 3999 yuan only last year. Media already was opposite China undertook for Mate 30 and IPhone11 function contrasts.  

This affection this scene, with then the ministry will be called last year in September “ history on the IPhone X of the most expensive ” forms bright contrast. IPhone X is indicating malic hand prow is broken already 10 thousand yuan close greatly, also be the summit summit hour that luxury of malic company “ spends ” . But those who face Chinese market share glide to be oppugned to foreground of its outstanding achievement with the market, the apple already realized cannot expensive ” of another flavour “ goes down.  

The data of research organization Canalys shows, 2019 the 2nd quarter, the apple glides in share of market of machine of Hua Zhi hotshot to 5.8% , mere rank the 5th. In report of newest Chinese year brand, malic rank ranks 24 merely, and competitor China for the rank the 2nd, and 2017 malic rank is the 11st.  

This year in January, the apple reduces income of season of the first money suddenly to anticipate reduce 8% , protruding shows market situation to worsen quickly already, cause market panic, market prise evaporates that day 60 billion dollar. Malic CEO Tim Cook expresses in the letter that sends investor, “ although we predict main and rising market will face a few challenges, but the serious rate that did not expect slowdown, be in big China area especially. In fact, major run receives the anticipation under us, and the 100% above that income of our whole world falls compared to the same period happen in big China area, include IPhone, Mac and IPad. ”

Tim Cook points out, although the battalion of other department received the apple to grow nearly 19% than last year, but long-term since, IPhone is core business of the apple all the time, if the apple cannot sell an enough mobile phone, whole company metropolis get into trouble, at present IPhone mobile phone occupied malic battalion to close nearly 6 into income.  

According to the apple 2019 data of season of the first money, group income drops compared to the same period 4.5% to 84.3 billion dollar, net profit decreases 0.5% to 965 million dollar, among them IPhone income falls greatly compared to the same period 15% , service business gross income goes up greatly 19% . Tim Cook emphasizes again in the telephone conference after money signs up for, of income glide to basically suffer IPhone to be in China market demand is fatigued and weak influence, period inside the apple closes to drop greatly compared to the same period in the battalion of big China area 27% to thirteen billion one hundred and sixty-nine million dollar, did not come or stop run of whole world of group of be a burden on drop more than 100% , group or consideration are besides the dollar new to IPhone price.  

Be in China to recapture IPhone mobile phone market share, the apple was aimed at sink the market, depreciate nature is inevitable act.  

According to insurgent press, in light of the sale data that goes up in day cat platform from IPhone 11, IPhone 11 buys an user in, 80% it is recently a year the user that had not bought malic mobile phone in day cat platform. Among them, occupy than most is second line city for 27% . 4 lines and user of the following city are occupied than 35% . 6 lines city buys the home to occupy than 18% force 3 lines city buys the home to occupy continuously those who compare 19% buy the home to occupy with city of a gleam of 20% what compare.  

The analysis thinks, although IPhone 11 still did not give an user intense surprise on technical innovation, but in Chinese market echo not common, on one hand of money of introduction of profit from new machine depreciate the user base that strategy enlarged an apple effectively, catch up with a batch of old users again on the other hand change machine tide. Friend of new moon of the Qin Dynasty encircles an analysis to think, IPhone11 serves as tasting price newly is times Chinese of 1-1.3 average pay, more adjacent most agree with the price, at the same time 24 months are avoided breath paying was to reduce more buy machine doorsill.  

This year in April, take-overing apple after 5 years, what be regarded as Tim Cook successor for a time is retail with high professional work Angela Ahrendts of senior vice president announces to leave one’s post, by currently hold the post ofvice-president Deirdre O’Brien to replace its position. This one decision happens in CEO Tim Cook to announce to will consider to reduce IPhone price short one week later, industry thinks Angela Ahrendts makes scapegoat, the mark wears what brand of this science and technology changes a course to luxury to think over.

Angela Ahrendts joined an apple on October 14, 2013, the yearly salary 2014 already was 8 times of Tim Cook, because its are in England,the job that extravagant brand Burberry has held the position of CEO is experienced, although the apple never has admitted its luxury changes strategy, but its talent layout and value strategy show cover to carry already, company in recent years development course also is in all the time draw close to luxury.

Except Angela Ahrendts, the apple is returned ever will numerous the tall canal that has luxury industry experience brings about general, include former CEO Paul Deneve of extraordinary item vice president, Yves Saint Laurent, and come from the apple with elegant a person of extraordinary powers of case of peaceful of extravagant watch brand extraordinary item is advanced chief inspector Patrick Pruniaux, both already all left his post.  

Below the dominant of Angela Ahrendts, malic retailing shop is incognito still for Town Square, be made those who be a consumer and developer collect the ground, door inn is the destination that buys a product not only, still will offer the of all kinds course such as process designing, design, photography, rise retail experience of the apple to new height. Perfect shopping experience further as increasing extravagant brand, the target reach the same goal by different routes of the new retail experience that malic place provides and extravagant industry.  

Nevertheless luxury strategy of the apple is not valued by industry place all the time, early before analytic personage expresses, IPhone not only product strength is in drop, still break maintain old price system, the price of tall look forward to became obstacle, what “ apple needs is to be able to bring the successor that innovates continuously, is not to even if turn over the CEO ” of times again,let market prise.  

Si Kali of malic former CEO more in the speak bluntly in program of Yahoo finance and economics, tim Cook did not put technical innovation in highest and first step, it is a malic make it more the luxury brand that resembling is LV or Dior, a replace person that beats IPhone will appear inside 5 years in future.   

Look from circumstance of newest IPhone put on sale, the apple does not have line of luxury of throw the helve after the hatchet, still appear very hesitant on this one strategy at least. Although undertake depreciating to introductory money, but the price of IPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB of green of a dark night still exceeded 10 thousand yuan, achieve 12699 yuan. Because this type is close spruce, many ox increase price 1000 yuan of sale. And the cheapest IPhone is low to 5000 yuan the following, with price of the most expensive model difference is as high as more than yuan 7000.

Price band is pulled transmitting an important signal greatly, namely IPhone is imitating Chanel, Louis Vuitton such luxury brand, roll out from the United States makeup perfume, small-sized skin the range of products that takes to the different price such as high the latest fashion, create the empire of a pyramid form thereby, such layout accords with luxury “ to build the prime property of dream ” already, also have consumer crowd distributinging basis.  

With respect to customer of current domestic luxury market, divide roughly kind. The first kind is the consumer that those dream to have luxury, department of perfume of United States makeup includes small their such as from level of luxury brand introduction the hand, or it is to pass assemble money and hire-purchase luxury, buy frequency lesser.  

The 2nd kind is the city that regards some kind of lifestyle as vogue new in produce, this part consumer reached the threshold that luxury consumes, the hope gives a person the figure that liberals with character of follow closely tide, life, consume frequency second tallish. Normally the circumstance falls, the consumer that those dream to buy luxury always is relatively young, consumption is inferior but the number is more, pass age growth and working change extremely easily to become the 2nd kind customer. The consumptive crowd dimensions of each class is ceaseless and contractible.    

The 3rd kind is plute consumer, this kind is the bind that luxury brand loves most is spent originally highest, most dutiful consumer, but nowadays these consumer already more rational, crowd dimensions and total consumption are decreasing in year after year. The future that so luxury consumes is not on these person, luxury brand need gains more momentum from the bottom of demand pyramid.  

Visible, intermediate estate is becoming luxury to consume the mainest increment market. But at the same time, the consumption of this batch of consumer upgrades to agree with demand with the identity, the life cost that increases increasingly with the city formed contradiction, bring about Chinese consumer to be opposite when undertaking luxury shops the price still sensitive. Not long ago, vanity of be an official of horse of the love when Shanghai Costco practice meets with mad after the incident that grab happens, we ever expressed in analysing an article, estate is produced in understanding contradictory town through Costco phenomenon, especially Chinese consumer, the brand that sells this batch of customer the product to any purposes has important enlightenment sense.

Buy a crowd to look from IPhone, IPhone consumer includes to use the introductory consumer of instalment already, have will spend money like water every year in September scare buying is newest the faithful consumer of the paragraph, justifiable also sex is decision-making change the consumer of old machine. Because this price cannot break away from rationality, abandon those who suffer rational consumer otherwise. In the meantime, price also must appropriately of prep above consumer buy capacity, make desire to buy look thereby.

More important is, such luxury empires can include Chanel at the same time 300 yuan lipstick and 10 thousand yuan about a hundred advanced and custom-built fashionable dress, the secret that still can not make brand value attenuant depends on, the brand is gotten to space of diverse product line very apparent. And in newest IPhone series, dark night is green ovation, be profit from match colors this dominance element catered to consumer to reveal different psychology.  

But besides, new fund IPhone is mixed besides memory film technical difference, lack ” of apparent “ grade feeling, the consumer that makes those prices very easily sensitive worries about them to be able to reflect the status immediately through using IPhone no longer. No matter be 5499 yuan are returned,be 12699 yuan after all, it is IPhone.  

The value of luxury does not depend on product itself, and admit to feel in the society that brings at the product. Value of the individual in East Asia culture needs a society to admit, this is why the account with particularly popular in this luxury, this phenomenon is in Japan particularly typical. American culture advocates individualistic, of earn one’s own living in produce estate and can offer without particularly much spare cash prodigal, bring about a lot of American to be not had to luxury feeling.  

But, reveal when the hope savour the young customer with the identity to having increasing choice, whether can they still choose IPhone to will make an unknown number. According to investigation, price of net of official of Louis Vuitton China shows, neoNoe pail wraps vanity price to be 11900 yuan. In poisonous APP of platform of gym shoes resale, the gold of Travis Scott X Air Jordan 1 High OG TS of ” of barb of the “ that be called piles up price to be 15699 yuan.

Begin to be faced with truly when consumer when choosing malic mobile phone or the option of be in a dilemma that LV includes, IPhone already by park in a brand-new competitive environment. And distinction is mixed at luxury gym shoes is ceaseless the attribute of appreciation, science and technology, especially mobile phone science and technology, it is a kind of running stores, quickening at any time devalue.  

Cannot uncared-for be, at present another of malic user keep main reason is IOS system, the use habit that its ecology group develops makes IPhone user very difficult move comes operating system of other mobile phone. Because consumer is new match colors and the function of cipher out color is innovated and do not buy taste newly, or the appeal that proves product itself is insufficient. If the apple is unwarrantable,output strong product force continuously, so the market position of IPhone still does not calculate “ safety ” .  

Of course, the apple did not abandon vogue changing strategy. Match colors of new fund IPhone is more bold, set red, black, green, violet, yellow, white 6 kinds of match colors. Apple Watch also continued to cooperate with what love Ma Shi with Nike, rolled out new fund watchband respectively. But from last time the news briefing begins, apple Watch has turned to in a popular style from the function, emphasize emphasize health and athletic function. This also reflects a fashionable intent to be changed by the brim in the product program of Apple Watch.  

Product of science and technology hopes to become luxury is proposition of a bogus after all, this still is unknown. Because today’s luxury definition and traditional luxury are very different already. No matter be luxury or product of science and technology are in,produce revulsion, both all reflects the trend that gives in a popular style, rapid change and straight face customer. But if the apple wants to hold brand value, probably can hour ask oneself, if IPhone gives money of set limit to like gym shoes, is meeting somebody collected? After all these things that are full of a youth to want to get just about.


Stylist brand future is bad, bucket of net red water includes MansurGavriel sell oneself or a member of one’s family

Although father continues to stay in the brand, but Mansur Gavriel of bag of bucket of net red water will greet new administrative layer after be bought, this or mean roll out new development strategy.

According to fashionable commerce dispatch, GF Capital Management of fund of American illicit collect&Advisors announced to buy most equity of fashionable brand Mansur Gavriel a few days ago, this brand basically is wrapped with pail etc the product is celebrated, but specific trade amount had be notted make public. According to the agreement, rachel Mansur of Mansur Gavriel author and Floriana Gavriel can continue to stay in brand job, retain a few share, former Ralph Lauren deserves to act the role of sectional chief Isabelle Fevrier to will hold the position of presiding apparitor, brand president Shira Sue Carmi can leave his post this month.

GF Capital Management&Advisors expresses to will support a brand to open more door store, expand the business on the line. End to at present, mansur Gavriel did not announce more detailed future to develop a plan.

Mansur Gavriel founds by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel 2012, headquarters is located in new York, it is a Xin Rui deserves to act the role of a company. The color that the brand depends on contracted and classical design, diversification and close civilian price got the welcome of consumer, brand product all is made for Italy. The brand stars the product is wrapped for pail, extend an other range of products again after that.

In September 2017, mansur Gavirel used the way that sees be bought namely namely to release on week of new York fashionable dress its first hand-me-down series, the product includes knitting jacket, trousers and coat to wait, price comes in 295 dollars between 1490 dollars, make work instantly after show exhaust, your industry is astonished. Nevertheless, the hand-me-down series that the analysis weighs Mansure Gavriel uses up in the carry out inside so short time main the amount because of every dress is few, and the purpose of the brand is to have market sale, cause industry attention as far as possible.

Summer 2018, mansur Gavriel rolls out men’s clothing series again, include a man to portfolio, handbag, money is placed and deserve to act the role of wait for sheet to taste, the price differs to 1395 dollars in 195 dollars, man hand-me-down and shoe still can be rolled out to walk on later. Current, mansur Gavriel has packet of bag, shoe to walk on, deserve to act the role of, the 5 large category such as hand-me-down, men’s clothing.

Mansur Gavriel in the whole world 75 channel undertake selling, include Opening Ceremony of the Barneys of high-end general merchandise, inn that buy a hand, Dover Street Market to wait. 2016, mansur Gavriel opened store of the first door in area of new York Soho, this inn is whitewashed to be millennium pink, make Instagram gain for a time advocate the popular place playing card that take a picture. Subsequently the brand opened another door store in los angeles Melrose Place again. 2018, mansur Gavriel hopes more business from wholesale turn for straight battalion. Accordingly, they begin to undertake exchanging views with strategic investor and illicit collect fund, the hope obtains more management fund, and the development professional work with the consequence help faster brand of fund of collect of illicit of have the aid of.

Go additionally according to casting message, although Mansur Gavriel never has published financial data, but the main investment of GF Capital is the 20 million company to 150 million dollar about to seeming appraise to be worth, every time investment amount comes for 15 million dollar between 50 million dollar.

The vogue with at present medium combination of GF Capital investment kind the brand still includes the United States to deserve to act the role of brand Mark Cross, oscar De La Renta of brand of high the latest fashion, the adornment inside drawing office and vogue match the Jonathan Adler that act the role of. This fund still includes to became a shareholder 2006 in investment history Tommy Hilfiger group, this group includes Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld at that time two brands.

In May 2011, PVH group bought Tommy Hilfiger from inside GF Capital hand, latter reserved joint ventures of Tommy Hilfiger China and Karl Lagerfeld brand. Since May 2016, PVH bought joint ventures of Tommy Hilfiger China again, the most equity of Karl Lagerfeld still is on GF Capital hand.

The vogue that invests before with GF Capital kind brand photograph is compared, no matter Mansur Gavriel is mixed from dimensions famous degree go up to want probably a few more inferior. But the move that consumes interest as gregarious media and youth, small numerous fashionable dress and the new target that deserve to act the role of a brand to becoming investor.

Hugo Boss of German luxury brand Permira of fund of collect of illicit of former big partner, England can last at will announcing to buy the United States on July 10 most equity of fashionable brand Reformation, trade predict will 2019 the 3rd quarter is finished, brand author Yael Aflalo will still regard Reformation as one of partner later, continue to hold the position of company CEO position.  

Anya Hindmarch of brand of British vanity stylist also welcomed new investor in March this year, by Marandi familial the equity that already bought next this brands from inside hand of Mayhoola of Qatar royalty fund, specific amount of short duration did not disclose. Trade after finishing, anya Hindmarch will continue to hold the position of originality chief inspector and directorate member.

Data shows, anya Hindmarch sale dropped greatly compared to the same period 2017 10% to 37.2 million pound, the deficit before duty breaks up times to 28.2 million pound. Sale dropped greatly compared to the same period 2018 34% to 24.7 million pound, gross profit embellish glides 6.6% to 14.1 million pound. Anya Hindmarch expresses, the brand will continue to sell channel to change direction from traditional cent more the sale mode of digitlization, with facing consumer directly.

This year in January, a few share of the stylist brand that LVMH of group of the biggest luxury also buys the whole world to found by Gabriela Hearst of Yuan of new York name, but specific trade the clause did not disclose. Gabriela Hearst is stylist homonymic brand, held water 2015, include at present hand-me-down and deserve to act the role of business, ever made popular vanity Nina. Those who deserve attention is, the husband of Gabriela Hearst comes from publication tycoon Hurat is familial.

The analysis thinks, have clarity to design language make peace to explode the brand of small numerous stylist of paragraph product is loved by instantly youth, but they also will encounter bottleneck in outspread process. Although the likelihood makes a brand independent,introduce outside capital decision-making ability is reduced, but the problem that can avoid ” of mid cave in of brand lifecycle “ however.

Or at least, the intervenes can help a brand protect oneself better probably intellectual property problem of capital. This year in June, according to cite of The Fashion Law relevant law file shows, a Chinese Guangdong female that the name is Minling Lin already won the exterior patent of two vanity from UPSTO of bureau of American patent brand, however the design manuscript of two vanities explodes with a year the vanity of two marks sex of red stylist brand Cult Gaia and Shrimps is very similar, cause what people files an intent to this patent to guess.

According to TFL newest report, USPTO of bureau of American patent brand rejected Cult Gaia to explode for its again a few days ago paragraph vanity Ark Bag registers patent request, this is American brand orgnaization examines an official the 3rd times to reject Cult Gaia bamboo to make explode the brand of paragraph vanity registers application. They think, from the point of the exterior, vanity essence has functional sex, because this cannot be registered,make a trade mark.  

Come nearly one year, the Antonia pearl vanity of the vanity of basket of The Ark bamboo of Cult Gaia and Shrimps already became the stylist brand vanity with gregarious the most welcome media, appear often in Euramerican and fashionable rich to advocate peace the street is patted in, by China fashionable media and fashionable rich advocate travel 2 times, these vanity also are had in home extremely tall differentiate degree.

Brand of red to just lending force the “ net that has his moment quickly at gregarious media ” , prominent figure had be notted build in consumer masses, be immersed in borrowed, fake is flush wait for multiple predicament, make undoubtedly brand be attacked front and rear. Cult Gaia rings alarm bell noisy for a as similar as its kind of burgeoning minor numerous brand, raising dimension authority consciousness is the indispensable one annulus in brand development, and this needs larger financial capacity support probably.

Pail bag  MansurGavriel